How CEREC Can Make Temporary Dental Crowns Unnecessary

how CEREC can make temporary dental crowns unnecessaryUnder normal circumstances, a patient in need of a dental crown would be provided with a temporary crown until the permanent crown could be developed. This meant spending time depending on a crown that was NOT designed to match your needs, and being less protected. With CEREC, your dentist can bypass this awkward waiting period and produce a dental crown in one visit. This is because the CAD/CAM technology in the office enables your dentist to take measurements of your tooth and have a custom restoration completed during that same appointment. With the aid of this technology, restorative dental work can be completed in less time.

Speeding Up The Process Of Restoring An Affected Tooth

If you have a tooth that needs a dental crown, you are likely more than ready to have it treated. This is because situations that call for crowns include advanced, painful cavities, and physical injuries to a tooth. A crown is also provided after a root canal treatment. CEREC makes it possible to ensure that your tooth is fully protected and restored sooner, by cutting off the need to wait for a dental lab to construct a crown. This means avoiding a situation where you have to be careful to protect a vulnerable tooth that does not have the full protection it needs.

How CEREC Makes It Easier To Restore Your Tooth After An Injury

Dental crowns have a significant role to play in cavity treatment, but they are also relied on to help when you have an injured tooth. Your dentist can use CEREC technology to produce a dental crown to fit over an injured tooth on the same day you come in needing help with an injury.