How Tooth Loss Leaves You At An Oral Health Disadvantage

how tooth loss leaves you at an oral health disadvantageBeing self-conscious about tooth loss can make it harder to smile. It can feel embarrassing, and make you uncomfortable. However, this is not merely a cosmetic worry. When you suffer tooth loss, you face problems with your oral health. Just one tooth is enough to put you at risk for problems like TMJ pains, excess damage to remaining teeth, and even further tooth loss. There are also negative consequences for your jaw. A dental implant can help return your smile to normal, as well as offset these oral health hazards.

Dental Implants Can Help With More Than Just Your Appearance

Dental implants stand apart from other prosthetic treatment options because it replaces more than just the tooth above the gum line. Your implant will occupy the area where your lost tooth root was once held. This is good news for your jawbone, as stimulation from the implant can replace the stimulation once provided by the root; this keeps your jawbone from deteriorating over time. It can also promote better stability among neighboring teeth.

Lowering Your Risk For Tooth Loss

What you might not realize is that having a missing tooth actually puts you in jeopardy of losing more teeth. Neighboring teeth are part of the support system that keeps your teeth in position. Another way to reduce your risk is to be on the lookout for gum disease. The advanced form of gum disease, periodontitis, can do enough harm to the area around the base of your teeth that a dental extraction becomes necessary. Stopping gum disease before it reaches this stage is vital to the long-term condition of your oral health.