Quiz: Tooth Loss And Dental Implants

quiz tooth loss and dental implantsAre you aware of how tooth loss can impact your oral health? For many people, it can be difficult enough to deal with the cosmetic unease created by missing teeth. In addition to the effect on your appearance, this condition can also interfere with your jaw function, leave your neighboring teeth vulnerable, and even cause your jawbone to lose mass. Many patients choose to enjoy a restored oral health by receiving a dental implant. The implant offers permanent support for a replacement tooth, and can help you regain normal jaw function.

True Or False: A Replacement Tooth Held By A Dental Implant Will Require Alterations To Neighboring Teeth

False! While other prosthetic dental options can interfere with neighboring teeth, a dental implant will not. In fact, using an implant to hold a tooth can be good for surrounding teeth, as the implant helps prevent movement of those teeth below the gum line.

True Or False: Your Dental Implant Will Be Inserted Directly Into Your Jawbone

True! The implant effectively resides where your tooth root once did. This means placing it into the tooth socket, and inserting it into your jawbone.

True Or False: If You Do Not Replace A Lost Tooth, You Can Lose More Teeth

True! Teeth that are next to an absence have less support, and are more likely to move. This can make you vulnerable to more loss.

True Or False: Physical Injuries Are The Leading Cause Of Tooth Loss

False! While it is certainly possible to lose a tooth in an accident, an adult patient is most likely to lose a tooth because of complications from gum disease. Your dentist can help protect you by offering periodontal care.