Why A Dental Implant Helps More Than Just Your Smile

why a dental implant helps more than just your smileA dental implant can certainly give you back the smile you had before tooth loss, but there are more than just cosmetic benefits. By receiving a dental implant to support your replacement tooth, you can help better stabilize surrounding teeth, positively affect your jawbone, and put a stop to the ways tooth loss can disrupt your oral health. The implant is a small, biocompatible titanium post that occupies the space of your tooth socket. When your jaw heals after placement, the implant is able to securely hold your replacement tooth so that it can pick up the functions of your regular tooth.

What Can Happen To Your Oral Health After Tooth Loss

Leaving tooth loss unresolved puts you in jeopardy of further loss, as your teeth depend on their neighbors as part of their support. Avoiding an absence can also put you in the habit of overusing certain teeth, increasing their wear and tear. You can find yourself altering your jaw movements when you speak or chew, and over time those adjustments may create uncomfortable problems with your jaw joints.

Unique Benefits Of Using Implant-Supported Prosthetics

A stable replacement tooth can help you eat, chew, and speak the way you used to before you suffered tooth loss. However, a replacement that is not supported by a dental implant cannot help you pick up on the tasks performed by your tooth root. Losing a tooth root can cause the tooth socket, and your jaw, to deteriorate. By occupying the space of your tooth root, your dental implant can better protect your jaw’s health than a replacement tooth that does not enjoy this form of support.