Protect An Injured Tooth With A Dental Crown

protect-an-injured-tooth-with-a-dental-crownThere are many instances where your dentist will turn to a dental crown to provide the appropriate restoration for a tooth with a cavity. Crowns may be important to cavity treatment, their function goes beyond matters concerning tooth decay. Because they are able to so effectively protect vulnerable teeth, they can also be used to treat a tooth that has suffered a physical injury. A crown completely fits over a tooth, covering it down to the gum line for total protection. This will shield it from harm, but it also serves to operate on the damaged tooth’s behalf. With the aid of CEREC technology, your custom-sized dental crown can be ready in a single dental appointment.

Why It Is Important To Act Quickly When A Tooth Is Injured

A tooth injury can lead to complications that affect your general oral health – especially if the tooth suffers nerve damage, or an infection. You might be in considerable discomfort after an injury, and the long-term health of the tooth can be jeopardized. In these cases, your dentist will often need to perform a root canal treatment, and address any internal damage the tooth might have experienced.

What Makes A CEREC Crown Different?

CEREC technology makes it possible for your dentist to have your crown fitted on your tooth at your initial appointment. There is technology on hand to take the measurements of your tooth, design the crown so that it fits properly, and have it made on-site. A milling machine will produce a ceramic crown that is strong enough to be of functional value. The material is also a close visual match with natural teeth, so your appearance will not be negatively impacted.