The Link Between Root Canal Treatment And Dental Crowns

link-between-root-canal-treatment-and-dental-crownsRoot canal treatments offer important aid to a tooth. The process involves your dentist accessing the pulp of your tooth, so that an infection within can be removed. Your pulp will be cleaned and sealed after this happens. At the conclusion of a root canal treatment, your tooth will need to be restored with a dental crown. Thanks to CEREC technology, it is possible to have that crown made – and placed – in one visit. Your tooth will be measured, to ensure a proper fit. CEREC provides your dentist with the resources to take those measurements, design the tooth, and produce it.

Why Some Cavities Need Root Canal Treatment

You can stop a cavity before you need a root canal, if you act in time. A root canal is only for problems that have reached the interior of your tooth. If your dentist removes the cavity before it goes this far, you may only need a dental filling. Because composite resin is used, your filling will be hard to notice, and will bond directly to your tooth.

A Dental Crown Is Not Just For Cavities

A cavity may not be why you need your dental crown. An injured tooth can also need the security and functional aid of a crown. In some cases, your crown might not go over a tooth at all. If you are receiving a dental implant, your dentist can use a crown as your restoration. A ceramic-made crown can successfully replace the tooth you lost, as it will look natural, and hold up under the demands of biting and chewing.