How A One-Visit Dental Crown Benefits You

It is easy to see how being able to receive your dental crown after one visit, instead of needing two appointments, benefits your schedule. However, eliminating a second trip to the dentist is hardly the only benefit of CEREC technology, which makes your single visit crown possible. When you receive your permanent restoration sooner, you can enjoy full restorative dental care for your vulnerable tooth. You also avoid relying on a temporary crown to protect you between visits. Because CEREC produces natural-looking ceramic crowns, you can be relieved to know that your restoration will not disrupt your appearance.

Using CEREC Technology To Make Your Dental Crown

CEREC technology puts the necessary materials to make your crown right in your dentist’s office. The tools needed to design and craft your restoration are available. The necessary measurements to ensure your crown fits properly will be taken, and that information will be used to produce a custom-fit cap for your tooth. A crown produced via CEREC technology can meet the demands of biting and chewing, so that you enjoy the full support you need.

A Dental Crown Can Be Crucial To Restoring Your Smile

Not every cavity needs a dental crown – many patients will have dental fillings placed instead. However, when a filling is not up to the job of protecting your tooth, a crown offers vital support. You will need a crown after a serious cavity, including a cavity that calls for a dental crown, but they also help when a tooth is damaged in an injury. Patients who need to replace a lost tooth can actually have a crown serve as a prosthetic, by connecting it with a dental implant.