Are You Ready For A Dental Implant?

Being ready for a dental implant means being ready to do something about tooth loss, and being a good candidate to receive the implant. Hopefully, you will not need much convincing when it comes to doing something about a missing tooth. Your biting and chewing abilities can be made more difficult by tooth loss, you are more likely to lose more teeth, and you can suffer a deterioration of your jawbone over time. Your candidacy for implant placement can be determined during a preliminary exam. You and your dentist can discuss possible solutions if there are identified problems.

Issues That Can Make Implant Placement More Complicated

If you have unaddressed issues with gum disease, you may need help with these periodontal issues before discussions regarding implant placement can move forward. If you have neglected to do something about tooth loss, or if you have had a dental prosthetic that was not implant-supported, you may have lost mass in your jawbone. Your dentist can talk about your options for this issue, too. It should be noted that implant placement is a type of oral surgery, and you will need to be healthy enough to undergo surgery.

Recognizing The Benefits You Gain From Dental Implants

One unique benefit a dental implant provides is support for your jawbone. Without an implant, a missing tooth can lead to your losing mass in your jaw. In addition to correcting for this issue, an implant can stabilize your restoration so that it can feel comfortably secure, and offer functional support.

Talk To Dr. Okoniewski If You Are Ready To Receive A Dental Implant

Are you ready to receive a dental implant? By having this prosthetic support placed, you can make your smile feel whole once again. Dr. Okoniewski can discuss the placement procedure with you, and talk to you about receiving your restoration after the implant is placed, and has had time to heal. The team at Advanced Dental Concepts are dedicated to your smile – that means care when you need a checkup, and when you need to restore an incomplete smile. If you are ready to move forward with implant placement, or if you need another dental service, call Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.