Chewing Gum: Good Plan Or Always Bad?

When you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, you’re often faced with row after row of delicious looking chewing gum. Some of it is full of sugar. Some of it does not have any sugar. Is there a particular one that you could reach for without putting your oral health in harm’s way? Are they all a bad idea? We can help you better understand when gum is (and is not) okay with some simple explanations.

Sugarless Gum Is Okay But…

Gum with sugar in it is always out! If it has sugar, you’re going to cover your teeth in sugar when you chew it. Worse than that, you’ll be jamming it into your teeth with each chomp. You don’t want this. You know that sugar is considered an enemy in the struggle against cavity formation, so simply keep it off of your list of options. Sugarless, however, is often an okay choice for your oral health.

Sugarless Gum Is Okay When…

It’s perfectly fine to chew sugarless gum after a snack or meal. It will help you keep your teeth clean. In addition to helping you remove leftover bits of food, it will also help remove plaque (which is a helpful option when you are nowhere near your dental hygiene products). However, if you chew gum very frequently, you may be exhausting your TMJs (jaw joints) and you might be creating an environment in which bruxism is more likely to develop. So, chew it occasionally but not all day long.

Gum Is Always An Issue If…

If you already have TMJ disorder or bruxism, chewing gum (even sugarless) will make your oral health concerns worse. If you have dental work (like a bridge), it can become stuck on the device. Skip it in these instances.

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