Cavities: Do You Have The Facts You Need?

Do you feel like you’re practically a walking encyclopedia when it comes to information about cavities? Or, would you say that though you certainly know the basics about dental care, it’s entirely possible you’re missing some facts when it comes to decay? There’s nothing to worry about here! In addition to helping you care for your smile, we also like to assist you in feeling full of the facts you require to maintain your healthiest grin!

They’re Not To Be Dismissed

Cavities are not something to take lightly. It’s more than okay for you to go home, schedule a visit, and come in for a tooth-colored filling without worrying of course. However, if you dismiss this problem, you will end up with a larger issue (like infection).

Treating Them Is No Biggie!

Just like your daily dental care is really no big deal, the same is true for seeing us to take care of a cavity. You won’t feel anything (because you’ll be numb), placing a dental filling is quick, and your tooth will look nearly new once we are finished. Have questions? Let us know!

Not Everyone Gets Them

You might find the occasional individual throughout your lifetime who just doesn’t have any cavities. In some instances, this is because the person you know has taken exceptional care of his or her teeth. In others, it’s because a very small percentage of the people on Earth just don’t develop cavities (also known as dental caries). Does this mean you should give up cleaning your smile just in case you’re one of them? Nope. There’s still your breath, gum health, and more that requires dental care.

Treat Cavities ASAP To Protect Your Smile

Don’t delay when we discover a cavity. Schedule a visit right away to take care of the decay with our tooth-colored fillings. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.