After Whitening: Keeping Up That Vibrant Grin

You wanted teeth whitening, so you could enjoy a beautifully vibrant, whiter grin. Now, you have a whiter smile and you’re worried about how to keep it that way! We understand. Once you achieve your goal, protecting it becomes the next most important thing. So, are there any tips that we have for you as far keeping your glowing smile just as bright, you ask? Of course we do!

Don’t Slack Off With Dental Hygiene

You may feel like your beautiful smile doesn’t need quite as much attention after receiving teeth whitening. The truth is, it still needs the exact same amount of care. This is in part because no matter what your teeth look like, they need brushing and flossing to remain healthy. As for their appearance, the whiteness will fade as stains develop if you aren’t brushing and flossing.

Remember, Visits Are Still Required

Along the same line of thinking, remember that just because your smile may look very healthy and clean, you still need professional dental cleanings and checkups. They help keep teeth clean, thereby preventing stains after teeth whitening. They also let us guide your smile so it remains healthy.

Don’t Worry, You May Receive Cosmetic Care Again

Maybe you end up with stained teeth again. Perhaps you end up with one stained tooth! Whatever happens, don’t worry that this was your one shot at getting and keeping a whiter smile after one round of teeth whitening. You may repeat whitening again in the future if you need to for upkeep. Or, if you’re mindful of care habits, you may simply keep your smile nice and white!

Protect Your Whitened Grin With Easy Tips

Talk with us about how to best prevent stains and to keep your whitened smile vibrant during your next visit. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.