Braces For Your Kiddo: Why Start Now?

You may see that some of your child’s friends have braces. We may then notice that your child’s smile is not coming in straight and you figure that down the line at some point, your child will likely require orthodontic care. However, you may think to yourself that this is probably something that can wait until your son or daughter’s later teen years or once college rolls around. Why rush it? The truth is, it’s often wisest to align smiles when patients are young. If this is an option for you and your family, consider some reasons why we make this suggestion!

Early Care Can Guide Jaw Development

In addition to teeth coming in misaligned, your child’s jaw is developing, as well. If the development of your child’s jaw is incorrect, then we can guide it early with orthodontic care, so that the finished result is exceptional bite balance. This means top and bottom teeth that fit together, jaws that align, and a smile that’s primed for beauty as well as for optimal function. Attempting to fix improper jaw growth after the fact can become more much complex.

A Straight Smile Is Serious Business

It’s essential to realize that aligning your child’s smile with orthodontic care will set the stage for the avoidance of a long list of potential concerns. These may include the following:

  • A misaligned smile can encourage bruxism (grinding or clenching), which can lead to pain, eroded teeth, damaged teeth, and tooth loss
  • A misaligned smile may promote TMJ disorder, which includes serious damage to jaw joints and their ability to function (in addition to discomfort that comes with it)
  • Poorly aligned teeth may make chewing or speaking difficult
  • It’s more challenging to thoroughly care for misaligned teeth, which makes an aligned smile more likely to avoid problems like decay, gum disease, and more

Guide Your Child’s Smile With Our Help

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