TMJ Problems: 3 Big Things To Address

How is your jaw health doing? Have you been diagnosed with TMJ disorder? Are you hoping to avoid any type of serious damage or additional problems, so you’re ready to follow our suggestions? Wonderful! Now, as for how to go about taking action to keep your jaw joint health safe, we have two primary recommendations. First, see us for TMJ treatment. Second, take some advice very seriously to avoid unintentionally worsening the problem.

#1: Bruxism, If It Affects You

If you deal with bruxism disorder (which is when you grind your teeth or you clench then), then you really need to treat this problem, as well. Bruxism treatment will stop your forceful clamping together of teeth (or chronic back and forth motion) that can cause serious aggravation for already problematic TMJs. Not to worry: You may treat both bruxism and TMJ disorder at the same time!

#2: Taking Very Big Bites

When your jaw joints aren’t in exceptional condition as the result of TMJ disorder, one of the things you should remember to watch out for includes stretching those joints too far. This means that you should not try to come up with stretching exercises. You should not take huge bites of food. Instead, you should be mindful of only opening your mouth as wide as is necessary to give joints a break.

#3: Habits With Chewing

The chewing that you need in order to eat your food and remain healthy? That type of chewing is okay. However, extra chewing, such as chewing your nails, chewing gum, chewing on a snack, chewing on items out of habit, etc. will not protect your TMJ disorder. They will make things worse. Limit chewing to times when you need it.

Protect TMJs With Care From Our Practice

Receive both the treatment you need, as well as lifestyle suggestions, to help you maintain excellent TMJ health. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.