3 Things You May Not Know: About Crowns!

There are probably some facts you could rattle off about dental crowns if we were to ask you. However, you might be surprised to find out there may be a few things you’ve never heard about crowns before (and they just might be things that can be quite beneficial for your smile, should you find yourself in need of a restoration one day). Add some new details to your mental files on restorative care, so you feel even more educated on this topic!

#1: Sometimes They’re Needed Just For Cosmetic Purposes

A dental crown’s primary purpose is usually to provide your tooth with the structure it has lost due to disease, to protect the structure from becoming damaged, or to keep bacteria from entering. These are all restorative scenarios. However, sometimes if your tooth is healthy but its cosmetic problems are too severe for cosmetic improvement with treatments like veneers, a beautiful crown will be used instead!

#2: You Might Be A Candidate For A One-Day Crown

Have you ever heard of a CEREC crown? It is a dental crown that you receive in a single day. No, there’s no catch. Thanks to the use of advanced technology that we have on site at our practice, this is possible!

#3: There’s Such A Thing As Partial Crowns

Have you ever heard the term “inlay” or “onlay?” These are partial crowns. Remember that a full dental crown covers your entire tooth. What if you only need partial replacement or coverage of tissue but you don’t need an entire crown? However, a filling won’t work? An inlay replaces tissue between cusps and an onlay replaces cusps and tissue down your tooth’s side. Pretty impressive!

Find Out More About Crowns For Your Smile

If you think you require a repair for your smile, remember that we offer comprehensive restoration options in the form of crowns, partial crowns, fillings, and more. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.