How Long Do Dental Implants Really Last?

You may wonder if there’s some magic spell that’s cast as you receive dental implants, since you keep hearing over and over that they can last forever. Is there any truth to this, you wonder? Is this just something that people say as an exaggeration? How long do implants really last and what’s involved, you want to know? Not to worry. We can clarify the particulars, so you understand whether this solution will, indeed, offer the eternal solution you’ve been hoping to find for your tooth loss.

If You Care For Them

If you care for your dental implants, then this is no joke: They can remain in your jaw tissue where they are placed for the rest of the years of your life. Think of them like your tooth’s natural roots. As long as you keep a tooth safe, it can stay right where it is forever. The same is true for your implants. When you’re serious about the guidelines we set forth (brushing, flossing, visits, etc.), then you’re promoting a lifetime of safe tooth replacements.

If You Don’t Care For Them

Dental implants can fail if you neglect them. Smoking, gum disease, excess pressure, and more may contribute. Follow the aforementioned suggestion for prevention to avoid failure!

Note: Restorations Are Separate

Remember that when we’re talking about your dental implants lasting forever, we are talking specifically about the implant posts that are standing in place of the roots you lost. We are not talking about the restorations, which replace the crowns of your teeth (or the part visible above your gum tissue). Restorations do not typically last forever. However, they can last several years if not decades, as long as you choose to maintain them with proper preventive care.

Better Understand Implants When You See Us

Your visits with us will serve as moments during which you can learn all of the specific details you’ve been wondering about in regard to dental implants. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.