There Are Lots Of Ways You Can Crack A Tooth

If you’ve ever experienced a cracked tooth or if it’s something that you tend to worry about, our Auburn Hills, MI practice is here to remind you that you can stop worrying. Why? Well, because sometimes things just happen, which are completely out of your control (and, as mentioned, there’s not much you can do about that!). However, in most instances, we can provide you with some important knowledge that will guide you away from damage! In addition, we can help you, should you end up with any type of tooth trauma. Learn a bit more, so you feel much more confident about protecting your teeth!

Biting Down Hard During Workouts

Our team would like you to recognize that when you’re working out (perhaps you’re lifting some very heavy weights), you have a tendency to bite down, clenching your teeth together as you throw everything you’ve got into it! Unfortunately, in this scenario, the great power of your jaws can actually cause you some harm. Biting down may lead to a cracked tooth, which is why we always recommend athletic mouthguards!

A Sudden Impact

About those athletic mouthguards: They are also extremely beneficial if you’re on a team, enjoying sports that could end up leading to a facial impact! Don’t want a cracked tooth? Well, then. Wear a mouthguard in case of sudden impact with a ball, bat, elbow, knee, etc.

Bruxism Left Untreated

If you don’t do something about bruxism disorder, which is a disorder that occurs when you’re (not on purpose) grinding teeth or clenching them as a habit, well … that’s a lot of contact, friction, and pressure. It can cause cracked teeth and damage your jaw joints, too! Take care of it ASAP.

Biting Into Tough Or Hard Food

Of course, when you’re eating meat and accidentally bite into a bone, you reach for some extremely hard food that you love but that’s too hard for your teeth, or even when you bite into tough meat or a bagel, it can cause a cracked tooth. Make careful, selective choices, so you protect your smile.

See Us For Care Immediately If You Crack A Tooth

Remember that we are here to help you avoid cracked teeth and we can treat them, should you experience one. See us for your every smile care need! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.