Seasonal TMJ Suggestions: Hello, Autumn And Winter!

You know that when you’re struggling with your TMJ health, one thing you definitely need is to visit our Auburn Hills, MI team to talk about TMJ disorder treatment. However, you might not spend much time thinking about how the changing of the leaves may be ushering in some brand new threats to your jaw health! Great news: We happen to have years and years of experience with TMJ concerns, which means we are ready at the drop of a hat to offer relevant tips to keep your jaw joints functioning and safe! Ready for some cooler-weather hints? We’ve got them!

Just Say “No Thanks” To Chewy, Hard, Tacky, Sticky Treats

Our team wants you to spend just a moment considering all of those goodies that come with the changing from the warmer seasons to the cooler ones. As we welcome in autumn and winter, what do you notice? Lots of them are chewy. Many of them are sticky. A good portion of them are very hard on your teeth. What are we getting at here, you ask? Well, those candied apples, brittle, bark, cookies, nuts, and more can be extremely detrimental to your jaw joints when you’re trying to protect them. Let TMJs rest and, instead, find alternatives that don’t require extensive or forceful chewing.

Leave Your Jaws Out Of Your Cozy Stretch Time

One thing we will definitely mention during a checkup with you is that you should not try to treat your TMJ disorder on your own. You should, of course, wear the treatment we provide for you. You should not try to “fix your jaw joints” with any type of home remedies or stretching you assume will help. Unfortunately, excessive movement, opening of your mouth, and stretching may only make matters worse. While we are well aware that this cozy time of year may leave you quite prone to bouts of stretching due to chilled muscles or some lazy time cuddled up near the fire, just remember to leave your jaw joints out of it!

Keep Your TMJs Healthy Throughout The Cooler Months

Come in to see us any time of year for help with your TMJ health! Remember, we offer TMJ disorder treatment for effective care. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.