Get Your Tooth-Colored Filling Before Christmas!

You might have decided that you want to wait to worry about your cavity until after Christmas is over. Well, then you think to yourself, actually, you’ll probably end up waiting until the New Year festivities are over. So, sometime in January. However, that is over a month away! While we appreciate that this can be a season that requires you to already be filling your days above and beyond with task and things to do, our Auburn Hills, MI team reminds you: Ignoring your tooth decay can bring with it more complications than you imagine. So, with that said, we invite you to please, come in for your tooth-colored filling before Christmas!

Avoid Pain On This Special Holiday

The tooth decay that’s going on in your mouth right now might not be something that you figure you can’t handle. It may not even hurt yet! As we said: Not yet. When you give a cavity time to just sit, it’s going to get worse. Unfortunately, as decay advances, so does the likelihood that you end up with a toothache. The chance that your tooth hurts during Christmas if you don’t come in for your tooth-colored filling soon? Pretty big! Avoid messing up the upcoming holiday with discomfort!

Get Your Smile Looking Healthy Again

Of course, you want your smile to look beautiful on Christmas and during all related celebrations! However, in some cases, the occurrence of a cavity can cause your tooth (and, as a result, your whole smile) to look less than lovely. Hooray for tooth-colored fillings! Since we match the composite material we use to the hue of your affected tooth, all that you’ll see once you receive it is a tooth that’s healthy again. The result? Your smile looks good again, too.

Prevent Further Problems That Can Feel Catastrophic

Our team hopes you will keep in mind that in addition to the possibility of a Christmas toothache, you might be looking at some additional problems that can feel catastrophic when you were planning on having a nice celebration. For instance, if you postpone your tooth-colored filling, leaving your cavity as is can lead to accidentally breaking that tooth because it is currently structurally unsound. Don’t choose this! Choose the filling instead.

Restore Your Smile With Us Before Christmas Arrives

Take care of your smile’s restorative needs before Christmas arrives, so you can enjoy a very merry holiday. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.