Your Oral Appliance: Don’t Let Holidays Mess Things Up!

We take a loving glance at the calendar when we realize the holidays are coming up. Hooray! All will be sparkling, chilly, merry, and bright! There’s food, drinks, fun, family, friends, socializing, parties, and more on the horizon! Of course, there is so much to feel excited about, so why bring up anything that sounds even slightly disastrous or negative, you wonder? Well, because it will ensure you make it through this time of year that is supposed to be fun without wondering: How did I mess up with my smile health like this? With some very simple reminders from our Auburn Hills, MI team, you’ll be sure your oral appliance therapy continues on as planned through the season and beyond.

Plan, Plan, Plan Ahead

Let’s talk about what the holidays can bring when you’re someone who wears a TMJ disorder appliance or any other type of oral appliance! They bring a very serious need for planning. No, this doesn’t mean you need to be a super organized person or that you need to to major planning. It just means that you need to write a list, make decisions about how you plan on storing your appliance, you need to remember to bring it, and you need to plan on wearing it, too! When you’ve got a list that you check, this is extremely easy.

Don’t Give Yourself The “But It’s The Holidays!” Excuse

Yes, relying on an excuse to make things easier every now and then is a relief. That is, until a consequence arises as a result! While you may be perfectly fine with sayings like, “Calories don’t count during holiday parties!” you may not feel quite so happy about the side effects of something like, “Eating and drinking with my Invisalign treatment trays in place can’t cause any harm during the holidays!” See what we mean? Simply follow the guidelines that you always follow for your oral appliance therapy, your Invisalign, or anything else you rely on. You’ll be very pleased that you stuck with it once all of the festivities have wrapped up and you’re still on track.

Keep Your Smile Safe And Sound This Holiday Season

Ask for the help you need from our team to ensure you keep your smile on course this holiday season. Need a dental care visit? To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.