Discomfort And Dental Care: What You Need To Know!

When you start talking with friends or family members about dental care, it’s easy to find yourself listening to stories about trips to the dental office (which include some not so savory details). As a result, you may find yourself wondering if certain types of smile care really are uncomfortable (or not), why people seem so hesitant to seek out professional care, what you can expect from our Auburn Hills, MI practice, and more! To ensure you always feel confident in seeking smile help from us, allow us to clear up any confusion as it applies to comfort and your care!

Oral Problems Are Often Uncomfortable

First, we want you to remember that it’s not dental care that is uncomfortable. The discomfort patients experience and remember (and connect with the care they receive during trying times) is usually the oral health problem itself. For instance, a friend of yours may have an infected or abscessed tooth, for which she receives a root canal treatment. The painful part is the infected tooth. The treatment? The tooth and surrounding tissues are completely numb, so the treatment part is nice and easy. However, in thinking back, your friend may consider the entire “experience” to be uncomfortable. See? It’s all a matter of perspective.

Professional Dental Care Is Completely Comfortable!

As mentioned, dental care that you receive from our practice is going to be comfortable each and every time. We are in the business of repairing your smile, protecting it, and ensuring that it’s a nice experience. We want you to want to care for your grin, of course! The last thing we want is for you to feel any amount of discomfort. So, keep in mind that we will be keeping the lines of communication open, offering anesthetic when necessary, and whether you need prevention, restorative care, or otherwise, you can expect a calm session with us!

We Can Help Ensure All Recovery Is Comfortable

Of course, recovering from dental care like a root canal, filling, extraction, etc. is going to aggravate your nerves, so you may be a bit sore afterwards. However, again, this type of care does not need to include discomfort. Instead, we will provide you with pain management and medication suggestions and more to ensure your recovery is both speedy and relaxing!

Schedule Comfortable Care With Us

See our team for the dental care services you require and always remember that when you come in for help with your oral tissues, we will offer compassionate, comfortable care and guidance for care at home! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.