Are You Caring For Your Gums? It’s Easy.

You have a general idea of how to care for your smile. However, as far as actually targeting the health of your gum tissue, you may feel at a bit of a loss. Yes, you know you should floss your teeth but you don’t really know if it’s to avoid cavities or if it’s just for your gums or what. You wonder how brushing actually impacts your gum health. Since you may feel shy about asking (though we certainly encourage you to do so), our Auburn Hills, MI practice offers a simple set of reminders that will help you give your gums the attention they need without any confusion.

You Need To Brush Correctly

You know that you need to brush your teeth in order to have a healthy smile and to keep your teeth from decaying. However, have you ever really broken down the details to recognize that you also need brushing as part of preventive care to protect your gum health and you need to do it correctly or you may miss your gum protection entirely? Let’s go for it:

  • To protect your entire smile, you need to brush for two minutes, making sure to clean every tooth surface and every tooth.
  • You need to spend part of your time angling the toothbrush toward your gumline at a 45-degree angle, as you sweep the bristles away from your gumline. The result? You remove plaque and debris from this area, thereby keeping gums safe.
  • You should brush your tongue, too.

You Really Have To Floss (Every Day)

Yes, your dental flossing is part of helping you avoid cavities and staining between your teeth. It’s also a way for you to protect your gum health. There’s plaque that sticks to tooth surfaces just at and beneath your gumline between teeth. Food particles end up there, too. When you floss, you remove all of this stuff that can encourage gingivitis. When you leave it, it gets extremely hard in as little as one day. Floss daily!

Your Cleanings Make Up One Essential Part Of Care

You cannot keep your smile immaculate and fully free of plaque and tartar with your home dental care. That’s just how it is! However, when you see us for dental cleanings, we complete the circuit by removing what you cannot cleanse away. This is 100 percent necessary for both your dental health and your gum health.

Enjoy Easy Gum Care

When you keep your periodontal care central along with the rest of your preventive dental efforts but you aren’t really sure what it should entail, remember that a quick review will help during a dental visit with us! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.