If Your Toothbrush Could Talk, It Might Say…

Can your toothbrush talk? Not that we know of. However, if if could talk, what do you think it might say? Wouldn’t it be helpful if your brush could guide you through dental hygiene sessions, offering encouragement or little suggestions? Though this isn’t a very realistic dream, our Auburn Hills, MI team enjoys imagining what this smile care product might say, were it to speak to you on a daily basis. Jump on board for this fun little exercise. In doing so and reflecting on it throughout your smile care sessions, you just might find you have the reminders in place that you need for effective cleansing!

“Hey, You Missed A Spot!”

Of course, you cannot see what you’re doing in your mouth, really, when your brush is anywhere but in the very front. When you’re brushing the back surfaces of your teeth, then when you’re brushing in the very back, this can lead to missing some spots (as your toothbrush might so kindly inform you). In order to avoid skipping over plaque, which can lead to cavities, as well as periodontal concerns, we suggest you take a steady, strategic approach, taking the full two minutes required!

“I’m Afraid Of The Dark!”

Our team reminds you that if your toothbrush could talk, it might have to yell out a time or two that it’s afraid of the dark. Just a couple little outbursts like this and you would probably not forget that you shouldn’t be storing your brush in dark, enclosed, damp spaces. The goal is always to keep those bristles out in the open air, in the light, with the head of the brush facing up and out (not in the bottom of a cup or toothbrush holder). When you allow the brush to completely air dry, you minimize moisture and combat the overgrowth of bacteria that aren’t so great for what you’re hoping will be effective dental hygiene sessions!

“Nice To See You Again!”

Well, your brush will only be saying this if you’re being consistent with your dental hygiene. Otherwise, it just might give you the silent treatment or shoot off a somewhat sarcastic comment. However, you can expect only the best when you’re doing what we always suggest: You’re brushing in the morning, then again at night, then you start the process again the next day. When you stick with this method of smile care, you keep your smile safe!

Promote Best Brushing Practices

When you’re mindful about giving yourself the best odds of excellent oral health, there’s no gamble! It’s all about becoming just as dedicated as you can to prevention, which you may learn about from our team! To discover more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.