3 Unexpected Things That Make Your Smile Unapproachable

You may think to yourself that when we bring up reasons your smile may become unapproachable, we must be talking about cosmetic issues. Surely, you figure, we’re talking about a heavily stained smile, one with chips, or one that’s not entirely aligned. However, our Auburn Hills, MI team reminds you that it’s often not the esthetics of your smile that can be the most off-putting. Instead, common oral health issues can swiftly transform your smile from a pleasant feature to one that might make those around you take a step back! Consider the details and remember: Care to fix such concerns is just a phone call away!

#1: Your Gums Are Bright Red And Puffy

Your smile is most certainly not at its best when gum disease is affecting it. While this is the type of thing that can go unnoticed for a bit, once symptoms arrive, it’s going to be quite clear that your gums aren’t in good shape. You may find that your gum tissue appears bright red and inflamed, which is not a very approachable look (and it happens to mean your periodontal health is at high risk of damage)! So, contact our team as soon as possible for an oral health visit. Receiving periodontal care as soon as possible is absolutely necessary, so you can regain your health and your beauty!

#2: Your Breath Is Terrible

Nobody really wants to stand too close to someone with terrible breath. Though it may be something you only sort of notice, it’s often much more appalling to those around you! Before you assume this is just a minor issue, come in for a checkup with our team to be sure your oral health is okay and to find out what’s causing this situation. Resolving it soon is to your benefit because it lets you keep your smile safe and it allows others to converse with you within close range!

#3: Your Dental Damage Is Quite Visible

You might be dealing with some oral health issues that are absolutely not doing anything good for your smile. Instead, your smile is in danger and damage has occurred, which has also become visible to the rest of the world! Maybe you have visible decay, eroded teeth, or a crack or break. By visiting our team for restorative care, we are happy to report that we can save your smile health and through the use of beautiful restorations, we can also save the appearance of your grin!

Repair Oral Health Issues For A Lovely Smile

Visit our team soon to find out how we can repair your smile health concerns with esthetically sound restorative care. Remember that once we address these problems, your smile will be healthy and much better looking! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.