Tempted To Skip Dental Hygiene? Remember This!

You might find that every now and then (or, maybe more often than not), you are tempted to just skip your dental hygiene. You know, of course, that this is not to your benefit. However, that doesn’t keep part of your brain from trying to convince you to just overlook your brushing and flossing here and there. So, what’s the final answer? How do you stay the course with your smile care when you really aren’t in the mood? Luckily, our Auburn Hills, MI practice is here to offer up some reminders that can be of service.

Remember: It Will Cost You Later!

We encourage patients to remember that skipping dental hygiene may seem like saving time in the moment. However, down the road, it’s probably going to be a move that proves to be costly both in time and money! Remember, it takes missing just one session of brushing (and flossing) to develop tartar that can lead to cavities, which will require fillings, etc.!

Remember: It Hardly Takes Any Time

Caring for your smile through the use of dental hygiene can offer you dramatic protection against damage and the need for restorative care. Fortunately, though it offers such fantastic benefits, it’s actually very easy and requires only a tiny bit of time. So, remember, it’s worth making yourself stand in front of the mirror for two minutes as you brush (and another if you need to floss) and it will barely make a dent in your day.

Remember: One Skip Leads To More

You might intend to just skip one brushing session. However, then you don’t see immediate consequences, so you may become likely to skip more. Just avoid it altogether, so you remain on track!

Remember: Make Changes Soon

There’s a reason you’re feeling so tempted to skip your dental hygiene session. Maybe you’re just too sleepy because you keep getting into bed to read or watch TV without brushing or flossing. The result? You get cozy and you don’t want to get up. Or, it could be anything else! We suggest you do a bit of detective work into your thought process and what’s stopping you, so you can make changes as soon as possible. That way, you will feel less tempted and it will be easier to keep up with care. (Example: You decide to start brushing before crawling into bed to read or watch TV!).

Make Hygiene Something That’s Easy

Strive to make dental hygiene something that’s very easy for you to keep up with, so you’re never tempted to skip it. Need a little extra help in this department? Why, come right in for a visit, so we may help! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.