Daily Dental Pain Is Not Normal! What To Do?

The occasional “zing!” or twinge in a tooth when you take a swig of ice-cold water too quickly? Not a huge red flag. However, when you’re noticing anything that could be considered persistent or even daily dental pain, you’re looking at an issue that could be a problem, which means you really need to see our Auburn Hills, MI team! Does it necessarily mean you have a cavity, infection, or other problem? No, not necessarily. However, it does mean that you should come in for a dental checkup, so we can tell you what’s going on, so we may offer care if you need it, and so you can say goodbye to a smile that feels less than stellar!

When Teeth Just Hurt

When your teeth simply hurt but not as are result of any particular stimulus, then we instruct you to call our practice, let us know you’re having some discomfort, and to schedule a dental checkup. Of course, you can come up with all of the ideas you can possibly muster but the sole way of discovering what’s going on, what’s causing pain, and making it stop is to see us. Again, it might not be anything major but no matter what, it is best to examine your smile and offer treatment, if it turns out you need it!

When Brushing And Flossing Hurt

There is never a time when we will tell you that it’s normal for your brushing and flossing to hurt. Instead, pain during dental hygiene always means that there’s something that needs correcting. It might be an oral health concern that will require treatment (such as gum disease or decay). Or, it might be something you’re doing wrong as you brush and floss that will mean we need to help you better understand how to practice dental hygiene effectively and without hurting yourself!

When It’s Your Jaw That Hurts

If your dental pain is located primarily in your jaw joints, remember that this is as valid a concern as any to be brought to our attention. Your jaws let you move your mouth! You need this motion for eating, speaking, and more! So, don’t let this type of discomfort worsen. Instead, let us help you make it better by coming in for a checkup.

When You Just Feel Uncomfortable

Dealing with dental pain but you can’t really describe it well or point it out? That’s okay. Come in. We have the advanced technology and experience to help solve the mystery and make things better!

Address Smile Pain With Us

Don’t ignore smile pain when it affects you. Come to our practice for a dental checkup, whether it’s a minor issue or something more severe! We will be happy to examine your smile, explain the cause of discomfort, and fix it! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.