Dental Hygiene Myths: The Truth! 

While it doesn’t seem like the type of thing anyone wants to sit around coming up with, myths are made up and believed when it comes to dental care! It’s often the result of assumptions, misinformation, and simply getting the wrong idea about something (even if it seems logical). So, to help you out with figuring out whether you’re making the right choice as you believe something you’ve heard (or if, in fact, that particular detail isn’t accurate), our Auburn Hills, MI team is ready for a bit of mythbusting! For additional topics and questions, simply come in and ask us questions during your next checkup!

Myth: Baking Soda Is A Good Plan

It sounds like a good idea, of course, to use toothpaste with baking soda in it. In addition to cleaning your smile, you may feel like you’re really scrubbing it and probably helping to whiten it. The truth is, you’re scraping it up. Skip baking soda, so you can avoid unnecessary restorative care. (And, if you want whitening, talk with us about cosmetic care instead!)

Myth: Fluoride Is A Danger

Have you heard that fluoride is a danger? You may have read this online or heard it from your friends or family members. In terms of your dental care, we are happy to remind you that it’s safe. The one time it isn’t safe? If you eat a large quantity. So, rather than eat your toothpaste or other products, use them and then spit them out, and there’s no risk involved! You will, however, be providing your teeth with serious protection and strength.

Myth: There’s No Way Around Brushing Your Tongue

If you come in to talk with us about your smile care during a dental checkup and cleaning, you may worry that we will tell you there are no alternatives. However, generally speaking, if there’s something that’s really bothering you, there’s a different approach, product, or technique that will help you have a much more pleasant experience with your dental care. For instance, if you dislike brushing your tongue but you have heard that cleansing this tissue is essential, we have good news: A tongue scraper (it’s smooth and comfortable, though its name suggests otherwise) can offer you just the solution! Learn more by seeing us.

Sort Smile Myths From Facts With Us

Get your facts figured out in terms of how to best protect your smile, when you come in to see our team for a dental care visit! Remember that your checkups are beneficial for your oral health and for your knowledge! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.