Why You Need TMD Treatment Now, Not Before

You may need TMJ disorder treatment (TMD treatment), something you have recently found out by visiting our Auburn Hills, MI practice. However, you may find yourself wondering: What changed? Why do you currently require it in order to protect the health of your jaw joints and your overall health, too, when previously, your jaws seemed perfectly fine? We understand your confusion and your hope for answers, so stick around, as we walk you through some common reasons you may currently need some TMJ support. For answers specific to your smile health, come in!

You Didn’t Pick Up On Symptoms

One of the reasons you may suddenly need TMD treatment, when it seemed your smile and jaw joints were in perfectly fine health before? You may not have recognized any changes with your oral health at all. Your jaw joints may have felt normal. However, that does not mean you were not experiencing the onset and development of stress or strain that would evolve into TMJ disorder. Or, you may have just brushed problems like a popping jaw, pain, etc. aside.

You Weren’t Scheduling Visits

Piggybacking on the previous details about symptoms, we remind you: Whether you notice the or not, if you are coming in for the consistent, twice-every-year dental visits we suggest for you in order to keep up with optimal preventive care, then we will detect the early development of TMJ problems on your behalf, which will then allow you to begin receiving treatment sooner than later. Don’t forget about this important factor!

You’ve Experienced A Jaw Joint Trauma

Remember that it’s possible to develop TMJ disorder and a need for TMD treatment slowly over time. Or, if you deal with any type of sudden jaw joint trauma or injury, this can lead to the disorder and the quick need for treatment.

Bruxism Or Other Forms Of Stress Have Arrived

We encourage you to remember that things in your life may have changed, which may suddenly put pressure on your TMJs, which will lead to this functional disorder. Maybe you developed bruxism disorder but didn’t realize that it was always stressing your jaw joints. Perhaps you have been stressed lately and have been internalizing your feelings by tensing up your jaw joints. Whatever the case, remember that we are here to help!

Learn More About Treating Your TMJ Disorder

Don’t ignore signs of TMJ disorder or a diagnosis and suggestion for treatment. Instead, always remember to follow through with the care we recommend for your oral health in order to enjoy a beautifully functioning smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.