Commonly Held Misconceptions About Dental Checkups

Like anything else, when it comes to your dental checkups, you’re going to hear some things about them from friends and family (which may or may not be true), you’re going to draw some conclusions (that may be based on assumption alone), and you may realize that the knowledge you have about this part of your preventive care is a bit shaky. Are you carrying around factual ideas about checkups or is the majority of your knowledge composed primarily of misconceptions? To ensure it’s not the latter, our Auburn Hills, MI team would like to highlight common areas of incorrect information, so you know just what’s what!

They’re Only For When Problems Arise

We want you to keep in mind that dental checkups are, of course, something that you may schedule when a problem arises. However, these are not strictly for that purpose. Instead, we prefer for our patients to remember that checkups are meant to be relied on as a part of effective preventive dental care. Remember that when you’re asking us how to keep your smile clean and healthy, we will instruct you to brush, to floss, and to set up your dental-checkup-and-cleaning visits with us twice a year.

We’re Mostly Looking For Cavities

We know that you may assume when you see us for dental checkups twice annually, we’re mostly looking for cavities. Of course, this is certainly one possible change we consider as we view your smile. However, there’s more that’s going on during your checkup, so remember that it’s actually a comprehensive examination of your smile health! We look for any and all changes, from hygiene-related illness to damage to functional problems, as well as oral cancer. The better you are about keeping up with these visits, the easier it is for us to help you avoid concerns and maintain a healthy grin.

They’re Not Actually Necessary

Again, remember that your dental checkups are absolutely necessary. They are not visits that stand alone either! When you schedule your preventive visit with us, it’s going to include the checkup (exam) and a cleaning, too! Without these, you miss out on essential professional cleansing, as well as the close monitoring that allows you to sidestep a long list of problem, as well as serious side effects!

Schedule Checkups With Us Twice Each Year

Don’t forget your twice-a-year dental checkups and cleanings with our team, so you can easily maintain your healthiest smile! Always remember to just contact our team to keep these preventive visits set up! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.