Your Sudden Smile Question: Is It Normal That…?

Most of the time, you just move along through your daily life without thinking too much about your teeth and your tongue and more. However, all it takes is a quick comparison of your mouth with a friend’s or a random glance in a mirror and suddenly, you’re full of worry and questions about your oral health! Is this normal you may find yourself asking about the way something looks or feels. When such uncertainty fills your mind, our Auburn Hills, MI team reminds you that usually, all you need is an explanation to feel much better. So, when in doubt, get in touch with our team! For now … some helpful examples.

That My Teeth Look See-Through?

We know that you may suddenly have a moment when you stand in front of a mirror and realize that your teeth are translucent! Your teeth aren’t clear but when you get up close, you realize you can partially see through them! Is this normal, you wonder? Fortunately, this generally does not speak to a problem with your oral health. You’re just seeing that your enamel is translucent (as it is for all patients!). However, changes like discoloration can make this more prominent (and it’s possible to deal with thinning enamel), so checking in with us just to be sure is your best bet. Otherwise: Very normal.

That My Tongue Looks Cracked?

If your tongue looks like it has lots of little cracks in it and it’s always looked this way, then what you’re probably seeing is something called fissured tongue. Again, its mere existence has no impact on your oral health. Instead, it may simply be something you inherited from your family! With that said, if food is becoming trapped in grooves or you have other concerns, see us.

That I Have Bones Under My Tongue?

If you have bony protrusions under your tongue or in other locations in your mouth (which you may notice, when you decide to compare this part of your mouth with a friend or family member), you may feel worried. Of course, if this is a recent change or something you have never noticed, it may be something you’d like to run by our team! However, remember that these may simply be tori, which are bony growths that are completely benign. Unless they are causing you problems, they are generally no cause for concern and just something that makes you more unique!

See Us With Your Smile Questions

Let us know if you have questions about your smile, particularly when you’re feeling worried that something isn’t normal. Bring inquiries and changes to our attention, so we may offer answers and care when needed. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.