3 Things To Discuss On National Brush Day 

Just in case you happen to really love celebrating your smile, you’re already feeling guilty about the mountains of sugar you plan on consuming come Halloween, and you’d love to feel like you’re giving your smile a quick “I’m sorry” the day after this indulgent holiday, we can help: Good news! The first of November is actually a holiday in the U.S. known as National Brush Day. Can’t believe your luck? Make it a day to remember (and that helps you with your dental care goals) by considering some of our Auburn Hills, MI team’s ideas for your festivities!

#1: The Proper Brushing Technique

We remind you that National Brush Day, as it is so appropriately named, is a good opportunity for you to examine your brushing technique. Talk with friends or family, have a quick conversation with yourself, or call us to set up a visit for some reminders about your dental care at home! We can talk you through the proper product selection, strokes, and more, so you can feel sure that you’re leaving no surface un-scrubbed!

#2: How Often To Brush

Not sure how often you’re supposed to be brushing? If you have been doing so for two minutes each and every time you brush (twice daily, of course), then you can brush your way right through National Brush Day with a very healthy smile on your face! Make this part of your discussion for the day with those around you, so you can feel sure everyone in your home is right on track and not accidentally cutting corners, which can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, and more!

#3: Funny Brushing Questions

Sometimes, it can feel a little weird to bring up random questions about brushing. Particularly those that feel somewhat embarrassing. However, on National Brush Day, it’s just the time to really bring out all of those hidden thoughts you’ve been so curious about! For instance, maybe you wonder if you should brush your tongue (you should!). Perhaps you want to know why you keep gagging as you brush (probably because you need to brush more gently or use a smaller brush). Have these types of dental care questions for us? Write them down and bring them with you during your next dental checkup!

Get Back To Solid Brushing

Remember to check in with us when you’re in for your next checkup in terms of your dental hygiene! Bring your questions to our attention about brushing or any other area of care to keep your smile safe! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.