4 Things That Stop With Periodontal Care

When periodontal care begins, there are some things that stop in the life of your smile (and with your usual approach to care). As you learn about them with our Auburn Hills, MI team, you will begin to understand why this type of care is so important, how it can offer you exceptional protection for your current smile and even the future of your smile, and also what to expect for the time being. The bottom line? It’s all good stuff that will allow you to see that caring for your gums ASAP is certainly the right choice!

#1: Progressive Damage

We want you to remember that the moment you choose to receive periodontal care with us, the progressive damage that’s going to continue wreaking havoc with your oral health will stop in its tracks. Depending on the extent and the severity of the issue, this may require more than a single visit to see us for care. However, the good news is that you will immediately put plans and care into action that will slow that progression until you’ve got your gum health back under control!

#2: Worry About Your Smile’s Future

When progressive damage is taking place, you are headed for mounting concerns, from damaged gum tissue to the eventual loss of your teeth. When you’re receiving periodontal care and you’ve slowed that progression, you can stop worrying about the future of your smile because you’re treating the problem and giving your oral health the attention it needs.

#3: Bad Breath And Other Symptoms

There are lots of symptoms that show up, when periodontal problems take hold. From bad breath to puffy gums, tenderness, and more, these issues will clear up (or will be ready to repair) as your gums continue to return to good health.

#4: Your Usual Visit Pattern With Us (Temporarily)

When you begin periodontal care with our team, you’re going to be changing up your usual approach to preventive dental care with us. While you usually see us two times a year for a traditional cleaning and checkup, that’s going to stop (but just temporarily). For now, we will put you on a new plan, which will include a deep cleaning (called scaling and root planing), potentially followed by more frequent checkups and cleanings with us. Find out how we can quickly begin addressing your periodontal health needs by seeing us soon!

Protect Your Smile ASAP With Periodontal Care

Take full advantage of the periodontal care services we provide, if you require treatment for your gum health! Snap into action when your gums are not in optimal health, so you may protect your smile’s future. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.