Smile Care: 4 Things To Remember About Rinsing

Did you know that in many cases, rinsing is extremely beneficial to your oral health? Are you equally aware that there are instances in which you may feel as though rinsing your smile with a particular product is going to work some sort of magic but it will actually do nothing of the sort? If you’re shrugging your shoulders because to be honest, you have some ideas but you aren’t sure that you’re certain, our Auburn Hills, MI team is here for you! Consider some things to always remember about rinsing, so you’re headed toward success for your smile!

#1: Rinsing With Water Offers Prevention!

There are few things you can do outside of the usual preventive care we suggest that’s quite as powerful and beneficial as rinsing with water. You might chew sugarless gum. You might be very careful about the foods you eat. However, no matter what, when you rinse with water, you’re benefiting your oral health. Why? Well, because it helps you keep your mouth hydrated, it removes bacteria from the resting and hiding spots (where they can cause tooth decay or gum inflammation), it removes pigments that stain your teeth, and it removes acids that weaken enamel!

#2: Using Mouthwash Won’t Fix A Serious Problem

You may guess that mouthwash is formulated to help you solve problems. However, we want you to remember that when you need smile care to fix something, it’s not going to be something you can accomplish at home. Instead, you’re going to need to visit our team for care. Whether you think that rinsing with a particular wash can fix gingivitis, decay, or otherwise … think again and call us!

#3: Rinsing With Mouthwash Can Freshen Your Breath (But…)

Yes, of course, if you ate something strongly seasoned and your breath isn’t so fresh, relying on your dental hygiene and some refreshing mouthwash can help! However, remember that this is only the case for fleeting cases of yucky breath. If you’re facing chronic bad breath, known as halitosis, then all you’re doing is masking an oral health problem (that requires our care for improvement).

#4: Rinsing With Salt Water Offers Antiseptic Properties

Lovely news: When you’re dealing with inflammation, a sore, or even a toothache, rinsing with salt water provides you with the helpful, antiseptic properties you’re looking for until you see us for a visit. This means you know you’re keeping your mouth clean, while you enjoy some pain and swelling relief!

Learn About Easy Prevention With Us!

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