Key Factors Of Fantastic Oral Health! 

Oral health is something that you know you’d like to harness and then keep up for the rest of your days! It means teeth and gums in wonderful condition, breath that would make anyone envious, and a very easy experience with your grin. However, the more you think about it, the more you realize that as important as “good health” is for your oral tissues, you’re not always sure about the factors that it includes. Is it just all about your smile feeling good? Looking good? Or, are there some very important building blocks to it? Our Auburn Hills, MI team is happy to report that the key factors are simple to learn and can help guide you toward easily protecting your smile with ease!

A Complete Smile

One of the key factors in what makes up good oral health? A smile that includes all of its teeth. Of course, this doesn’t include wisdom teeth, as your third molars are not considered a necessity for your smile in any way. However, when we are talking about all of your other teeth, unless they’re removed specifically for an orthodontic treatment as part of a larger plan, you need them all! So, if tooth loss is something that impacts you, it’s time to learn more about prosthetic dentistry with our team to replace them!

A Structurally Sound Smile

What’s it mean to have a structurally sound smile, you wonder? Well, when we’re talking about good oral health, remember that you need teeth that are healthy and strong and not prone or vulnerable to breaking or cracking. Unfortunately, if you have a cavity, a fractured tooth, or any other damage to your dental tissue, it means your smile has become structurally compromised! Get things back into amazing condition by seeking restorative smile care with our team! Remember, taking care of these details ASAP makes it easier to get your smile back in order quickly.

An Absence Of Disease

The lack of disease, such as infection or decay, is something that optimal oral health will definitely include. While this may sound a little off-putting, remember that restorative treatments can quickly restore your smile, so the disease is nowhere to be found.

Optimal Function!

Don’t forget about your smile’s function! Addressing issues like bruxism disorder and TMJ disorder will ensure your smile is working correctly, which is a key factor in a grin that is truly well.

Learn All About Optimizing Oral Health 

Find out what it takes to optimize your oral health and what a healthy smile includes, so you can feel confident about making your grin its best! Ask for guidance during your next visit if you need it! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.