Enhancing Teeth Replacements with Dental Implants

In addition to the impacts you experience after losing the visible parts of your teeth, there are also significant impacts to losing their roots, as well. Conventional dental bridges, partials, and complete dentures can do an excellent job of helping patients rebuild their smile by replacing their visible tooth structures. However, it takes the unique ability of dental implants to replace your lost teeth roots in order for your restoration to truly replicate your healthy, natural teeth.

All the aspects of tooth loss

The visible parts of your teeth, which rest above your gum line, are known as their crowns, and losing them is the most obvious impact of tooth loss. The gap in your smile can make it harder to eat your favorite foods, not to mention smile confidently thanks to the cosmetic impact. However, tooth loss does more to your smile than you can address by simply replacing your missing teeth crowns. For example, the loss of your teeth’s roots can have a continuously negative effect on the health and integrity of your jawbone structure. Also, the abutment teeth, clasps, and adhesives that support replacement teeth can’t come close to providing the comfort and stability that roots provide your healthy teeth crowns.

The difference dental implants make

The biggest difference between dental implants and traditional brides and dentures is how your new teeth are supported. Implant posts designed to mimic your healthy teeth roots are inserted into your jawbone, which then heals around their surfaces to hold them almost as steadily as it holds your teeth roots. This means your bridge won’t need abutment teeth and crowns to support it, or your denture can rest more securely to your dental ridge than if it relied solely on adhesives.

How they improve your existing replacement teeth

With more lifelike support, dental implants help make your replacement teeth look and feel more like your healthy, natural teeth. These immediate benefits are significant when compared to traditional teeth replacements, but the impact of replacing your lost teeth roots is more important than you might realize at first. For instance, the loss of teeth roots is usually followed by gradual jawbone erosion, or the loss of its mass and density due to lack of stimulation. Dental implants can help prevent this by reestablishing the stimulation that keeps your jawbone strong and healthy.

Replace your teeth with dental implants

The beauty of dental implants is they can enhance the stability, comfort, and function of modern dental bridges and dentures by mimicking your healthy, natural teeth roots. For more information, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.