A Few Things to Know About Filling Your Cavity

Some dental treatments are popular because they’re quick, convenient, and highly effective, such as cosmetic teeth-whitening. Other treatments, however, are popular because they’re the best way to treat a highly common condition. For example, cavities are the most common chronic dental issue to affect patients of all ages, and in many cases, the best way to treat them is with tooth-colored fillings. Today, we look at a few things you should know if you develop a cavity and how we can address the decay and fill the hole in your tooth.

Time matters, so don’t hesitate

When a cavity develops in your tooth, it doesn’t do so on its own. The hole in your tooth structure is actually the result of tooth decay, an infection that’s caused by oral bacteria eroding your healthy tooth structure. The discomfort that they cause often prompts people to seek treatment for their cavities before they become too serious, while they’re still in their mild to moderate stages. In this stage, a cavity can typically be treated conservatively with a tooth-colored filling. However, before long, a mild cavity can become more severe, internal tooth decay, and a tooth filling will no longer be enough to treat the tooth.

Your filling can also be cosmetic

If you’ve never had a tooth filling placed, or haven’t had one in a while, then you might believe that most fillings are still crafted from metal. The potential impact this can have on your smile’s appearance might cause some people hesitate, which as we mentioned, will only allow the condition to grow worse. Fortunately, many of today’s tooth fillings are crafted from more lifelike and discreet composite resin – a mixture of finely ground, biocompatible acrylic and quartz-like particles. Composite resin can be customized to match the unique color and shade of your tooth, creating a tooth filling that blends in naturally with the tooth that it fills.

You might need root canal therapy

If you know you have a cavity, you might assume you can treat it with a tooth filling before you even visit your dentist. However, it’s impossible to tell just how severe your tooth decay has become without a comprehensive, professional examination and diagnosis from your dentist. Depending on the severity of your tooth decay, you might require more involved treatment, such as root canal therapy designed to remove the infection from within the tooth.

Learn more about filling your cavity

Treating a cavity, or tooth decay to any degree, is important to preserving the long-term health and integrity of your smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, today at (248) 852-1820.