Important Notes About Tooth Extraction

For many people, tooth extraction will never have to be part of their dental treatment. For others, however, it can become necessary for a wide variety of potential reasons. Usually, those reasons involve oral health concerns that will only grow worse with time, such as a severe damage to a tooth or an extreme infection that’s consumed most of its structure. If you need tooth extraction, then the good news is that it means you still have a chance of limiting any further potential complications to your oral health, and now have the chance to rebuild your smile with a durable, lifelike replacement.

The point of the extracting a tooth

For people who need tooth extraction, the specific need for it can vary. For example, if you have one or more wisdom teeth (third molars) that have become impacted before they’ve had the chance to erupt properly, then extracting them will be necessary to alleviate any discomfort they cause. Some reasons, however, can have further-reaching implications for your oral health, such as a tooth that needs to be extracted because gum disease has eroded its supportive structures. It’s important to know why your tooth needs to be extracted not only to understand the threat to your oral health, but also to know how to preserve your smile once the tooth is extracted.

The lack of other treatment options

Tooth extraction can be a simple procedure, or it may require surgery to successfully remove all of your tooth’s structure (including its root). However, no matter how it’s performed, tooth extraction is typically recommended only when it’s necessary, and the tooth can’t be preserved through other means. In addition, the concern that leads to the need for tooth extraction (such as gum disease or other chronic oral health issue) can grow increasingly worse until the tooth is extracted and the condition is addressed.

The next step in restoring your smile

While extracting a tooth can stop it from posing a threat to the rest of your smile, losing the tooth can create a completely different set of concerns. In the long-term tooth loss can have several significant impacts on your oral health. Your bite function can diminish, your remaining healthy teeth can be more vulnerable, and your oral structures can suffer from the lack of stimulation. Following tooth extraction, it may be a good idea to replace the tooth with a custom-designed restoration – preferably, one that’s supported by a dental implant.

Learn more about tooth extraction

If you can’t avoid tooth extraction, then learn how to use the opportunity to fully restore your smile’s good health and proper function. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, today at (248) 852-1820.