A Few Things Gum Disease Can Affect (Besides Your Gums)

Many people recognize what gum disease is, and the fact that it could become a threat if it’s allowed to develop. However, given the fact that it’s called gum disease, many people who have it are surprised to learn that the condition has affected much more than just the health of their gum tissues. Despite its name, severe gum disease can become a serious threat to much more than just the tissues that surround your teeth, but also your teeth themselves, as well as the rest of your oral and systemic wellbeing.

The bone structure in your dental ridge

Your healthy gum tissues surround and protect your teeth roots and the jawbone structure that supports them. Together, these make up your dental ridges, which are the foundations of your smile. One of the most significant impacts of severe gum disease is its ability to progress past your periodontal tissues and affect the underlying jawbone structure. This can diminish the health, strength, and integrity of your dental ridges over time, and make it more likely that you’ll experience consequences such as tooth loss.

Your ability to retain all of your teeth

Because of the damage that it causes to your periodontal tissues and jawbone structure, severe gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. As it erodes your dental ridge, gum disease can make it unable to successfully support and sustain one or more of your teeth. In severe cases, the erosion of these structures may cause one or more teeth to fall out on their own. Or, you may have to extract one or more teeth as part of your overall periodontal treatment and recovery plan. Once the disease is under control, you may also need to replace the lost tooth or teeth to fully restore your smile and bite function.

Overall risks to your systemic health

There are many driving factors behind the destruction that severe gum disease can cause, much of which originate with the harmful bacteria that accumulate underneath your gum tissues. Among these bacteria are a specific type that accelerates gum disease by inciting inflammation in your gums, then making it difficult for your immune system to control it. In severe cases of gum disease, these bacteria may reach your bloodstream and, as they travel, cause similar reactions in other areas of your body. The resulting inflammation can increase your risks of developing other chronic inflammatory conditions later, including heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

Learn how to avoid the effects of gum disease

Gum disease may be highly recognizable as a threat, but the specific ways in which it can affect your oral and overall health can be more significant than many people realize. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, today at (248) 852-1820.