How Much Do You Know About Dental Implants?

For most of your dental health care, your goal has been to preserve your healthy, natural teeth and oral tissues by preventing things that could compromise them. If an issue does develop, then the right restorative treatment may still help you preserve your healthy tooth structure. However, when tooth loss occurs, the goal of preserving your smile as effectively as possible doesn’t change. With dental implants, you can replace more of your natural tooth structure, including the roots that support your teeth, to avoid many of the serious concerns that develop from the loss of your teeth and their roots.

What do dental implants do?

Dental implants consist of an appropriate number of small, biocompatible posts that are designed to reestablish the functions of your healthy, natural teeth roots. An implant post is placed within the empty area of your jawbone where the tooth was lost, and the bone structure bonds to the post as it heals. This creates a highly lifelike prosthetic root that can support your dental restoration in a way that traditional tooth replacement options can’t accomplish. The advantages of this are significant, as the implant posts not only offer your dental prosthesis greater support, but also reestablish the functions of your lost teeth roots and their connection to your jawbone’s health and integrity.

What kind of prostheses can they support?

Because they’re designed to replicate your lost teeth roots, dental implants offer a unique level of support for your replacement tooth or teeth. Because implants are placed individually, they can also be utilized to support a prosthesis of any size, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost. For example, a single dental implant post can support a lifelike dental crown, creating a lifelike tooth replacement that includes a prosthetic root. For larger prostheses, such as a dental bridge or denture, multiple posts can be strategically placed to offer optimal support.

What kind of benefits do implants provide?

With the support of one or more dental implants, any custom-designed dental prosthesis can offer a higher level of comfort and stability when you bite and chew with it. However, there are more, longer-term benefits that also come with replacing your lost teeth roots, including preserving your jawbone’s strength and integrity after it loses the stimulation of one or more teeth roots. The loss of this stimulation can be a factor in increasing your risks of losing more teeth in the future, and reestablishing it with the help of dental implants is the most effective way to prevent this.

Learn more about dental implants

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