Three Concerns Oral Care Can Prevent

Close-up of a smiling woman's teeth revealing white spots and plaque on the tooth surface. Oral care and Dental concept.Accidents can occur at any given time to any person regardless of background, and some concerns are more likely than others. Fortunately, restorative dentistry offers a solution to situations such as this, as well as others. Indeed, your smile endures a significant amount of wear and tear over the course of your life, and it is for this reason that we must practice well-rounded preventive dental routines. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist explores a few of the most common oral health threats you are likely to face, as well as what steps you can take to ensure proper smile care.

Dental Cavities and Decay

From the moment you are born and well into adulthood, your smile is constantly on the defensive against a number of concerns. Indeed, these can range from the effects of certain foods and beverages you consume, the influence of substance use, and even natural occurrences such as bacterial buildup and hyperactivity.

Looking specifically at frequent complications, oral bacteria tend to be at the root of the problem. In fact, one of the most common oral health threats out there includes dental decay. This process begins when bacteria nestle into the hard-to-clean areas of the mouth and thrive off of the foods and beverages we consume.

More specifically, sugars cause these bacteria to secrete a destructive acid onto your teeth, which then sets to work weakening your structures and eventually causing a small hole known as a cavity to form. Though cavities can be easily and efficiently treated with dental filling restorations, the longer you wait before seeking treatment, the worse your situation will be. Contact our team today to learn more about this process.

What to do About Gum Disease

In addition to the effects of tooth decay, another issue you should keep an eye out for and be aware of is gum disease and infection. Indeed, this process involves bacteria making their way beneath the surface of your gums and onto your tooth roots. Here, plaque develops and remains relatively safe from harm. Unfortunately, this leads to a number of complications, including bleeding gums, alarmingly loose teeth, and even permanent loss. Though flossing is the main practice to prevent this phenomenon from occurring, sometimes additional treatment such as scaling and root planing is necessary.

Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Finally, it is important to note that plaque develops on your smile as the day progresses. This is the material that causes your teeth to feel fuzzy or sticky. It also houses bacteria that cause bad breath and dental decay, and brushing your teeth is the main practice to remove these deposits.

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