Dental Implants Benefit Your Smile

Tooth implant instalation process , Medically accurate 3D illustration white styleNothing is worse than seeking treatment for a major toothache just to learn that even a root canal procedure cannot save your structure. Indeed, tooth loss is a complex and troubling process for many to experience, but sometimes it is the only option left when considering your overall oral health as a whole. Fortunately, prosthetic dentistry can help. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist discusses the major benefits that accompany dental implants, and how they compare to traditional methods.

The Emphasis on Oral Function

Replacement teeth have been around for quite some time as a solution to losing one or more structures. Items such as a crown, dental bridges, and even partial and full dentures serve a valuable role in helping to complete your smile once more. Not only this, but they often serve as a major boost to your confidence, and can even help you perform routine tasks such as eating or biting, to an extent.

One of the issues that arises with traditional bridges and dentures, however, is that they may fail to provide the structural support necessary for a sustainable solution. Fortunately, this is where implant dentistry differs by offering a solution to structural stability.

Dental implants consist of biocompatible titanium posts that are strategically placed into the jaw bone. This process is to mimic the natural relationship between the jaw and teeth roots, which stabilize your structures as well as stimulates the bone to keep it strong. With implant posts functioning as artificial roots, you can rest assured knowing that the crown restoration will be able to support the pressure of your bite. For more information about this process, give our team a call today.

Lifelike Crown Restorations

Once your biocompatible post has been strategically placed and healed, our team will place a custom crown restoration atop it so that you can achieve a complete smile once more. This restoration is crafted from quality material that is known for its uncanny resemblance to natural teeth. What’s more? We can even shade-match the material to the color or hue of your natural smile so you do not have to worry about a noticeable discrepancy. Give our office a call today to learn more or set up your appointment.

A Need for Tooth Replacement

Though some might not be too worried about a noticeable gap in their grin, the truth is that the impact on oral function is much greater a concern to consider. Indeed, you need your structures to perform everyday routines such as biting and chewing, and implant dentistry can help.

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