Prosthetic Solutions For Varying Degrees Of Need

happy elderly man healthy senior confident smile with beautiful white teeth from denture prosthetics.Advances in dental technology have made it possible to address significant dental infections and other concerns that may have previously resulted in great tooth loss. While tooth loss may still occur if it is not addressed in a timely manner, seeking replacement options such as dental implants has been made simpler and more efficient along the way. Still, dental loss is unpredictable and can occur in a number of ways, so how can we be sure that all situations are treatable? In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist discusses the major benefits of implant-retained dental prostheses and how our team can help.

Replacing a Single Tooth

It goes without saying that when it comes down to it, nobody’s first choice is to lose a natural tooth. We recognize this fact, and it is our goal to prevent this from occurring to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, not every situation has a happy ending in the form of keeping a tooth. Whether it was due to a physical accident or injury dislodging a tooth or a troubling infection that spread very rapidly, sometimes the best option is to have the trouble structure removed.

Just because a tooth needs to be removed, however, that does not mean you have to sport a noticeable gap in your grin for the rest of your life. As a matter of fact, dental implant restorations can help address more than just your smile’s appearance, but its function as well.

Replacing a single tooth is made easy with the help of implant dentistry, and our team is ready to help address your needs with lifelike accuracy. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Implant Bridges for Gaps

Just as tooth loss can occur at any given time, it is not extremely predictable in nature, either. What we do know, however, is that infection-based concerns tend to occur in relative proximity of one-another as it spreads. Essentially, this means that once you lose one tooth to decay, you experience a greater likelihood of losing neighboring teeth to the same infection.

When presented with a gap that spans the distance of several teeth spaces, your dentist may recommend the help of a dental bridge. This restoration consists of two or more artificial crowns bonded together, and they can be secured on either side with a dental implant post. Contact our team to learn more.

Addressing Total-Smile Loss

Sometimes an infection or accident can be so severe that it results in the loss of all of your teeth. In cases such as these, our team would work with you to provide a partial or full denture set to address your needs.

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