Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Restore Your Smile

Auburn HIlls, MI, dentist offers tooth-colored fillings

Cavities are a common problem for dental patients of all ages. When one occurs, it’s important that you have it filled as soon as possible to protect the area. Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, offers a composite resin option that blends in naturally with your other teeth. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the benefits of this restorative option.

Restore Your Tooth After Decay

When you come in for your biannual checkup, you will have your teeth cleaned and examined for potential concerns. Your dentist may look for signs of decay, gingivitis, new eruptions, and more. If they notice a cavity, they will recommend scheduling a dental filling as soon as possible. This treatment involves removing the damaged tooth, cleaning the space, and adding a stronger material to protect your dental structure. This restoration should be done promptly to protect your smile from significant problems that can be caused decay. Fillings are a very common procedure that most patients will have done at least once in their lifetime. If you put off this treatment for too long, it could result in the decay worsening and requiring a more extensive procedure to treat.

Fillings That Blend In Seamlessly

Options like silver amalgam or gold were popular materials for fillings in the past. In modern dentistry, we opt for lifelike composite resin instead. This material has several benefits and is safer for our patients. Unlike silver or gold options, this resin can match the natural shade of your tooth. It won’t stand out against your smile, so you don’t have to worry about others knowing you had dental work done. In addition to their more esthetically appealing look, they have improved function and create a seal from bacteria. The resin can also be used for cosmetic purposes, such as with bonding and contouring. It can be added to areas of imperfection to improve your appearance.

Keep More Of Your Natural Tooth

Composite resin fillings can also be easily bonded to many areas. When you come in for this restoration, less of your natural tooth will need to be removed before placing the material. This means you can keep more of your dental structure. After having this restoration done, you may need to avoid eating or drinking for about thirty minutes. Once the material has set, you can continue your daily routine and regular oral hygiene. While cavities can often be restored with this simple treatment, you should practice preventive care to avoid decay in the future. Remember to brush and floss twice a day and see your dentist biannually for checkups.

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