Easter Is Nearly Here: Hop On Board With Simple Tips

As the Easter Bunny hops closer every day, you can practically smell the jellybeans and chocolate coming your way! With this in mind, you may discover that you experience a mix of emotions. Of course, you love the sweet, sugary side of this holiday because it’s absolutely delicious! On the other hand, you’re aware that digging into an Easter basket full of goodies that will provide you with hours of indulgence may not necessarily be so wonderful for your oral health. So, what to do? This is the moment in which our Auburn Hills, MI team reminds you that we have tips to let you have fun and protect your teeth and gums, too!


YMCA Kids’ Cafe: Every Saturday!

There’s just something so lovely about Saturday morning breakfast and fun with the kiddos. If you’re looking for a way to expand your horizons (and perhaps you’d love to have fewer dishes to deal with by the time the afternoon rolls around), then why not check out our Auburn Hills, MI YMCA Kids’ Cafe? It’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces!


Checking In On Your Sensitive Teeth: 4 Steps

The onset of dental sensitivity is something that can become increasingly upsetting! It may start with a little bit of a zing here and then some sudden discomfort there. However, the longer it goes on, the more you may worry something is wrong, the more you’ll worry about eating and drinking, and the more you’ll wish you could fix the problem! Fortunately, by adhering to a handful of simple steps suggested by our Auburn Hills, MI team, you can easily find out what’s happening, give your smile a break, and get on a path toward regained comfort.


Things You Get With A Straighter Smile

You know that we offer Invisalign treatment, as well as Fastbraces. So, whether you want a clear aligner system for your smile alignment or you decide that brackets and wires (with accelerated care) is that way to go for your straighter smile, you have choices. What you may not know so much about is all that you actually do for your grin when you decide that aligning your teeth is your goal. Yes, you know that your once crooked, spaced, overlapped, or otherwise teeth are going to rest next to one another in a beautiful, strategic arrangement. However, what’s that really do for you, you wonder? Let our Auburn Hills, MI explain!


American Sign Language Club: Basic

Have you long considered the benefits of your child learning American Sign Language but as for finding a class, date, time, location, and more that work for you and your little one, you’ve been coming up short? You just might find everything you’ve been hoping for in the upcoming American Sign Language Club: Basic held at our Auburn Hills, MI library! Learn more and sign up soon!


When You Think You Broke Your Tooth

Maybe you bite down into something and you think you feel a crack. Perhaps you are certain that you’ve broken your tooth. While there may be a big part of you that just wants to stay home and pretend that nothing ever happened, our Auburn Hills, MI team urges you to reconsider! You may be able to get away with a smile that is still working and not in too much pain for a little while. However, when structural damage takes place, your tooth and oral health in general immediately become highly vulnerable to problems bigger than the fracture or missing tissue itself. Learn more!


Brush Your Teeth For The Simplest Of Reasons

You are no stranger to the fact that you should brush your teeth every day. It hasn’t escaped you either that you should really brush twice a day (of course, in addition to flossing but that’s another story!). However, our Auburn Hills, MI team knows that some of you out there might not be brushing as frequently and thoroughly as we recommend! So, before we launch into any particularly clinical details about plaque, the bacteria it contains, and the potential breakdown of the carbs you eat and the potential for dental tissue decay, we say: Hey, there, we have some very simple reasons you should be brushing as part of your dental hygiene and they will most definitely resonate with you!


Behind the Scenes at Meadow Brook Theatre

“All the world’s a stage…” Shakespeare wrote, but many dedicated live theater fans have no desire to be in front of the footlights. Instead, they support the actors, directors, cast and theater building with behind-the-scenes activities as members of the Meadow Brook Theatre Guild. This not-for-profit group of women volunteers has supported Meadow Brook Theatre since the late 1970s, giving of their talent, time and and financial support. Whether you prefer to flash a bright smile at a comedy tech rehearsal, or support the theater in some other way, membership in the theatre guild might be for you. (more…)

Things that Make TMJ Disorder Troublesome

TMJ disorder isn’t like other common issues that affect your dental health. For instance, conditions like tooth decay and gum disease have very direct causes (mainly, harmful oral bacteria), and therefore, they’re often easy to detect and diagnose. By contrast, TMJ disorder can mean a number of different specific conditions, each with different potential causes and their own set of unique symptoms. At our Auburn Hills, MI, dental office, we can help you alleviate TMJ disorder and the trouble that it can cause with highly customized treatment. (more…)

Important Facts About Having Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a common sleep disorder that involves the cessation of breathing while you sleep. For patients who have it, the disorder can become a significant factor in their overall health and wellbeing – and, yet, they may not realize they even have sleep apnea until its effects become significant. At our Auburn Hills, MI, dental office, we often recommend a custom-designed sleep appliance to help patients comfortably and effectively address the airway blockage that leads to sleep apnea. We also explain why treating the condition is important, and why snoring and sleep apnea should never be ignored. (more…)