Check Out The DJ Maestro All-Ages Line Dance Party March 3

On Friday, March 3, the Auburn Hills Community Gym will host a special dance event, featuring DJ Maestro. This all ages event, the Hustle Line Dance Party, will offer instructions on some of the most popular Hustles and Line Dances, and will welcome revelers to hit the dance floor and show their stuff. Registration is open for this event until Friday, February 24, with a discounted rate offered to community members. You can use this as a chance to learn some new moves, or take it as an opportunity to show off what you know. (more…)

How A Dental Crown Can Improve Your Smile

A dental crown can be counted on to support a vulnerable tooth, but this restoration can do more than just provide functional value. If you have a tooth that is misshapen or damaged, your dentist can actually use a crown to improve how your smile looks. A crown is designed to have the shape and look of a healthy tooth. It is true that they are often used for cavity treatments, but they also help when you have notable dental damage, or congenital problems, that need to be addressed. If you are eager to have a problem covered up, then you should know that your dentist can actually have your crown ready in a single visit, thanks to CEREC technology. (more…)

Regular Checkups Help Keep Your Smile Looking Great

If you want to avoid dental problems later in life, make sure you are currently seeing your dentist every six months for a routine dental appointment. These visits offer some immediate benefits – you can have tartar removed from your teeth, and your dentist can keep you informed about any potential decay. However, you should think of checkups as having value for your long-term dental health, too. By limiting your experience with cavities, and helping you manage any issues with your periodontal health, your dentist can help you ensure your smile stays looking great over the years. (more…)

Join The Library’s Black History Month Celebration 2/4

On Saturday, February 4, you and your family can join the Black History Month celebration at the Auburn Hills Public Library. During the gathering, the library will screen A Time For Justice. This film captured the spirit and legacy of America’s Civil Rights movement, and contains clips – including historical footage – of individuals who were important to the movement. Auburn Hills residents can attend the event at no cost. That being said, you will need to register with the library to secure a spot during the screening.  (more…)

Dental Implants Can Help With Your Appearance

After suffering from tooth loss, you can feel uncomfortable with how your smile has changed. Seeing gaps where your teeth once were can make you self-conscious. Of course, there are also functional downsides – it can be harder for you to bite and chew, and you can be vulnerable to developing TMJ problems. Patients who rely on a dental implant to support a prosthetic can enjoy a natural-looking restoration that is permanently in place. The implant actually resides in the space formerly occupied by your lost tooth root, and mimics the type of support your root offered your natural tooth. (more…)

Dental Crowns Offer Appearance-Friendly Tooth Restoration

If you need to have restorative work done to take care of a problem tooth, you may feel anxious at the thought of how that work will affect your appearance. After all, while relief from something like a painful cavity is important, you probably would prefer not to have a glaring restoration that alters your smile. Luckily, you can receive a dental crown that looks like a natural tooth, so you can keep your smile, and enjoy support for your tooth. A ceramic-made crown, in addition to looking life-like, offers real support, so you enjoy functional and cosmetic benefits. (more…)

Can My Age Make Me A Poor Candidate For Dental Implants?

can my age make me a poor candidate for dental implantsIf you are ready to take action and replace missing teeth, you may have already started looking into the benefits of having dental implants provide prosthetic support. However, because this process involves oral surgery, you may be worried you will not be approved for placement. This can be a concern among older patients. That being said, as long as there are no other issues preventing them from safely undergoing oral surgery, an older patient’s age should not disqualify them from receiving an implant. Your dentist may be hesitant to recommend dental implants for adolescent patients. If you are looking for a means of addressing tooth loss, and are unsure you will be a viable candidate, set an appointment with your dentist. They can make a determination after studying your jaw, and learning about your individual condition. (more…)

Take Advantage Of Sea Life Michigan’s Pass Renewal Sale

take advantage of sea life michigan's pass renewal saleSea Life Michigan in Auburn Hills will be celebrating its second anniversary soon. As part of its plans to commemorate this occasion, the aquarium will offer a special discounted rate for Annual Pass holders. If you possess the pass, you already know you can enjoy a number of special benefits, like discounts on retail shop items, select “bring a friend” days, and access to the Fast Track lane. Of course, you also enjoy 12 months of unlimited visits to Sea Life Michigan. By registering a renewal by February 4, you can retain all of these perks at a lower price. (more…)

Taking Action To End TMJ Issues

taking action to end tmj issuesHow can TMJ issues affect your day-to-day life? Your jaw function is controlled by your trigeminal nerve; in addition to moving your jaw, the trigeminal nerve is responsible for sensations you feel in your face, neck, and head. When your TMJs (your jaw joints) develop problems, those problems can lead to pain throughout your face, neck, and head. Do you suffer from chronic headaches? The problem could be rooted in TMJ problems. Your dentist can offer you a special appliance that realigns your jaw, relieving your of your discomfort. (more…)

Avoiding Jaw Problems Associated With Tooth Loss

avoiding jaw problems associated with tooth lossThere are a variety of problems you can expect when you do not take action to address tooth loss. Aside from the obvious cosmetic concerns, you can suffer an increased risk for losing additional teeth. You can also suffer jawbone resorption, a situation where your jawbone surrounding a lost tooth’s socket will deteriorate over time. A dental implant protects you against an increased tooth loss risk, cease jawbone resorption, and support a natural-looking prosthetic tooth. The implant enjoys superior stability, as the healing process of placement will see your jawbone fuse with the implant. (more…)