CEREC Technology Offers Your Dental Crown In Less Time

cerec-technology-offers-your-dental-crown-in-less-timeWhy would your dentist tell you that you need a dental crown? Why is a dental filling not always good enough to support a tooth? Crowns are meant to restore a tooth that is seriously affected by an issue. This may mean having a crown placed after a root canal treatment has been performed, or after dental damage weakens the tooth. In some cases, a patient can have a dental crown act like a prosthetic tooth, as your dentist can fit the restoration onto a dental implant. The availability of CEREC technology provides your dentist with the means to produce your crown in just one visit. That means full restorative care in less time. (more…)

Check Out The First Bruce Howell Memorial Free-Throw Contest

check-out-the-bruce-howell-memorial-free-throw-contestOn Saturday, February 25, the gym at the Auburn Hills Community Center will host the first annual Bruce Howell Memorial Free-Throw Contest. This event is being held in honor of the late Bruce Howell, a beloved employee of the facility who passed away last year. Auburn Hills residents are invited to come out and take part in this friendly competition – there will be prizes awarded for some age groups. There is no cost required of you if you with to enter the contest. That being said, the event will be accepting donations for the American Cancer Society, to help support their research and community engagement. (more…)

3 Ways Tooth Loss Can Complicate Your Life

3-ways-tooth-loss-can-complicate-your-lifeWhile several different issues can lead to tooth loss, this issue is most commonly caused by complications stemming from serious gum disease. That being said, tooth loss stemming from any cause can complicate your oral health condition, and your life, if you leave it unaddressed. Daily jaw functions can be compromised, and you could develop TMJ problems, which can be painful. You are also at risk for more tooth loss. You can see a serious improvement to your condition when you address the problem of missing teeth with dental implants. By having your restoration secured by an implant, you can see a real functional and cosmetic improvement that improves your daily life, and brings back your full smile. (more…)

See The Auburn Hills “Past And Present” Photography Exhibit

see-the-auburn-hills-past-and-present-photography-exhibitOn Saturday, February 11, residents of Auburn Hills can come out and explore a photography exhibit that captures the deep history of the area. Auburn Hills Past And Present – A Photographic Tour Through Time is a special exhibit put together by the city to showcase images of the town’s past, with current photos of those areas taken to show how much has changed. A special presentation will also be provided, and historical details will be highlighted, to better communicate the history of Auburn Hills. Interested parties can check out this exhibit at no cost. (more…)

Restoring Your Tooth After A Serious Cavity

restoring-your-tooth-after-a-serious-cavityA newly-formed cavity might escape your notice – without an examination from your dentist, you could miss early signs of tooth decay. That being said, a cavity that starts to cause discomfort can be difficult to overlook. The restorative dental work your dentist provides will change once a cavity has accessed your pulp, and started causing you to feel pain. You will need to have endodontic care from a root canal treatment, and your tooth will need to have a dental crown placed. Your dentist’s use of CEREC technology will actually streamline the process of restoring your tooth after treatment, as this technology eliminates the need for a follow-up appointment to place the crown. (more…)

Quiz: How A Dental Implant Changes The Prosthetic Experience

quiz-how-a-dental-implant-changes-the-prosthetic-experienceThe right dental prosthetic should make you more comfortable with your smile, and help you feel as though you can function normally when biting, chewing, and speaking. To ensure that your restoration is stable, you can have it supported with a dental implant. A dental implant is a titanium post that will act like the root for your artificial tooth. To stay in place, it must be set directly in your jawbone, and you will need to give it time to heal. During the healing process, the bone fuses to the implant. Once it is secure, you can have a natural-looking ceramic dental crown put on the implant. This provides excellent support, and offers additional benefits to your jawbone. (more…)

Tips To Help You Avoid Serious Periodontal Problems

tips-to-help-you-avoid-serious-periodontal-problemsThe early stage of gum disease, gingivitis, can be effectively addressed with a scaling and root planing treatment. However, when a periodontal infection is allowed the time to progress in severity, you may be limited to managing your condition, rather than eliminating it. While an increase in regular dental visits can help your dentist stay on top of problems, to control your issues, early intervention to reverse your condition is preferable. Smart oral care that pays attention to your gum health can be critical to avoiding serious periodontal problems. You should know that serious gum disease can have serious consequences, including the prospect of losing teeth. (more…)

Take In The Spectacle Of Our Dancing Lights Through Dec 31

take-in-the-spectacle-of-our-dancing-lights-through-dec-31From now until the end of the year, you and your family can take in the wondrous sight of Our Dancing Lights. Based at a residence in Auburn Hills, Our Dancing Lights uses more than 50,000 different lights to create a breathtaking sight. When you tune your car’s radio to 91.3 FM, you can listen to Christmas songs that the lights display is synchronized to interact with. This is a great slice of holiday magic, but it also provides an opportunity to donate to a good cause – the owners at Our Dancing Lights have teamed with The Rainbow Connection, to help the group raise funds. (more…)

Dental Crowns – Not Just For Cavities

dental-crowns-not-just-for-cavitiesCEREC technology allows patients to receive a dental crown in just one visit. For those individuals who come in for an advanced cavity work, that means enjoying a restored oral health in less time. Not every cavity will require a dental crown – if decay is found in time, your dentist’s treatment can include nothing more than a dental filling. What is also true is that not every person who receives a crown has one placed because of tooth decay. Serious tooth injuries often leave you in need of a crown to protect a tooth made vulnerable by trauma. Patients who have experience tooth loss can actually receive one that serves as a prosthetic. (more…)

The Convenience Of A One-Appointment Dental Crown

the-convenience-of-a-one-appointment-dental-crownWhen you need restorative dental care, your priority should be enjoying results that protect you from oral health troubles. However, your dentist recognizes that everyone comes into their office with pressures that have nothing to do with their teeth. This is one reason they offer dental crowns made with CEREC technology. Thanks to CEREC, you no longer have to arrange two visits to have a dental crown. Instead, your dentist can create your custom crown, craft it in their office, and place it on your tooth. This means relief for your schedule, but it also means you can enjoy a fully restored tooth sooner. (more…)