Problems That Can Interfere With Dental Implant Placement

problems-that-can-interfere-with-dental-implant-placementA dental implant can solve oral health problems associated with tooth loss. There are clear functional benefits to having a full set of teeth again. You will no longer have to avoid the absence when you bite and chew your food. Any difficulty it causes in speaking will be settled. A lifelike restoration placed on your dental implant will improve your smile, and the implant’s ability to operate as a replacement root can actually benefit the health of your jaw. If you need a dental implant, you should recognize that the placement is a form of oral surgery, and you need to be in sufficient condition to undergo it. There are also oral health issues that can interfere, and make placement more complicated. (more…)

Counting On Dental Implants To Support Dentures

counting-on-dental-implants-to-support-denturesA set of complete dentures can be your means of addressing the cosmetic and functional problems associated with total tooth loss. Your dentist can construct a set of dentures for your upper or lower jaw, and ensure that it has a precise fit. If you need a set of dentures, you can discuss the benefits of having dental implants to hold them in place. These implants act like artificial tooth roots, and hold your dentures in place with a support that is comparable to the support your natural teeth enjoyed. Once the implants have been placed, and have healed properly, your dentist can secure your implant dentures. (more…)

Protect An Injured Tooth With A Dental Crown

protect-an-injured-tooth-with-a-dental-crownThere are many instances where your dentist will turn to a dental crown to provide the appropriate restoration for a tooth with a cavity. Crowns may be important to cavity treatment, their function goes beyond matters concerning tooth decay. Because they are able to so effectively protect vulnerable teeth, they can also be used to treat a tooth that has suffered a physical injury. A crown completely fits over a tooth, covering it down to the gum line for total protection. This will shield it from harm, but it also serves to operate on the damaged tooth’s behalf. With the aid of CEREC technology, your custom-sized dental crown can be ready in a single dental appointment. (more…)

Placing A Dental Crown On A Dental Implant

placing-a-dental-crown-on-a-dental-implantSure, a dental crown can offer dependable support for an existing tooth. How can it help when your tooth is missing? You can actually have a dental crown serve as a prosthetic by fastening it to a dental implant. The implant, which serves as a sort of replacement tooth root, is placed first. It will be set in the area where your lost tooth root once was, and is actually inserted into your jaw. After the healing process, where the bone will fuse to the implant, your dentist can have a custom-sized dental crown made and placed. The prosthetic will have enough support to take up actions performed by regular teeth. (more…)

Quiz: Dental Care From A Dental Crown

dental-care-from-a-dental-crownWhy would you need a dental crown? You might see a crown as being limited to cavity treatment, but there are other instances where it can be a useful dental restoration. You could require support for an injured tooth, or need protection for a tooth that is underdeveloped. With CEREC technology, a crown can be obtained in a single visit. On-site technology allows your dentist to record the necessary measurements and produce a durable, life-like ceramic crown that is ready to be placed on your tooth. (more…)

Taking Care Of Tooth Loss – And Addressing What Caused It

taking-care-of-tooth-loss-and-addressing-what-caused-itTooth loss is most commonly the consequence of advanced gum disease. Other issues can cause this to happen – you might have a dental injury, or lose a tooth to a serious cavity – but a periodontal infection is the most likely suspect. You can have a dental implant placed to hold a replacement tooth, and enjoy a complete smile again. The implant offers stability, and does not require you to modify other teeth to create that support for your prosthetic. It can also have important benefits for your jaw health. What you should understand is that in addition to replacing a lost tooth, you should address the issue that caused it to be lost in the first place.  (more…)

Why Tooth Loss Is A Threat To Your Oral Health

why-tooth-loss-is-a-threat-to-your-oral-healthYou should aspire to keep your oral health in top form. Obviously, good oral health means watching out for cavities (and seeking the appropriate restorative dental work when you do have them). It also means having a complete set of strong, healthy teeth. Tooth loss can have an immediate, unpleasant impact on how you feel about your appearance, but it is a health risk, too. You are more likely to lose more teeth when a tooth is gone. You can also deal with jaw problems – deterioration of the bone can occur when a tooth is lost, and you are more likely to suffer TMJ problems. A dental implant can address the variety of problems that can arise after tooth loss. An implant-supported tooth is good news for your smile, and your oral health. (more…)

The Link Between Root Canal Treatment And Dental Crowns

link-between-root-canal-treatment-and-dental-crownsRoot canal treatments offer important aid to a tooth. The process involves your dentist accessing the pulp of your tooth, so that an infection within can be removed. Your pulp will be cleaned and sealed after this happens. At the conclusion of a root canal treatment, your tooth will need to be restored with a dental crown. Thanks to CEREC technology, it is possible to have that crown made – and placed – in one visit. Your tooth will be measured, to ensure a proper fit. CEREC provides your dentist with the resources to take those measurements, design the tooth, and produce it. (more…)

Are Dental Implants Safe For Older Adults?

are-dental-implants-safe-for-older-adultsOlder adults who have left gum disease untreated can face a real risk for tooth loss. While this is not the only reason a person can lose teeth, it is the number one cause for adults. If you are older, and are interested in addressing the issue of missing teeth, you may have concerns about if you are a viable candidate for dental implants. Dental implants can be an advantageous choice when it comes to securing replacement teeth. You can actually use them to hold a set of complete dentures, as well as to support individual restorations. Your age should not inherently disqualify you from receiving an implant. That being said, there are health factors that need to be considered before you can be approved. (more…)

The Cosmetic Advantage Of A CEREC Dental Crown

cosmetic-advantage-of-a-cerec-dental-crownAn unhealthy tooth can also become an unsightly tooth. Advanced dental decay and dental injuries can both be hazardous to your smile. After all, all it takes is one unattractive tooth to knock down the quality of your appearance. Restorative dentistry is intended to make sure your oral health is in good standing again, by fully addressing whatever problem you are dealing with. That being said, your dentist is able to go beyond just helping the tooth’s condition, and can offer treatment that helps preserve your appearance. One way your dentist can offer cosmetically friendly restorative work is by providing a CEREC dental crown, which offers up ceramic dental crowns. These crowns have a lifelike appearance that can allow your crown to fit in among your regular teeth. (more…)