How A One-Visit Dental Crown Is Possible

how-a-one-visit-dental-crown-is-possibleThere is no way around it – when your tooth suffers serious damage, you will not be able to wait for it to heal itself. Because dental damages and tooth decay do permanent harm, you will need a permanent answer to the problem. For smaller issues, your dentist can simply fix your issue with a dental filling. However, if the problem is more serious, you will need a dental crown. A dental crown covers all of the visible area of your tooth, and can act on its behalf when you need to perform actions like biting and chewing. Thanks to CEREC technology, you can actually have your crown in one visit, meaning you will enjoy your permanent restoration in less time. (more…)

Better Comfort And Function After A Dental Crown

better-comfort-and-function-after-receiving-a-dental-crownRestoring a problem tooth should result in its being able to function like normal. That means you should be able to use your restored tooth to bite and chew, just as you could before it developed issues. Your dentist can also provide restorative dental work that preserves the integrity of your smile. When you receive a CEREC dental crown, you can count on real support for a tooth, as well as the preservation of your appearance. This is because your crown will be made with ceramic, which is strong enough to undergo biting and chewing forces, but natural-looking enough to blend in with your neighboring teeth. (more…)

Quiz: Unique Advantages From Implant-Supported Prosthetics

quiz-unique-advantages-from-implant-supported-prostheticsA lost tooth can be a major impediment to your oral function, and generally hurt your oral health. Even with many types of dental prosthetic units, there can be complications stemming from tooth loss. One major problem is with your jawbone. The bone around where your lost tooth’s root resided can deteriorate. This can rob you of oral support, and affect your appearance. When you support a replacement tooth with a dental implant, you can make functional improvements, and address the problem of jawbone deterioration. (more…)

The 13th Annual Auburn Hills Arts & Crafts Fair Is Nov 19

13th-annual-auburn-hills-arts-and-crafts-fair-nov-19On Saturday, November 19, Auburn Hills will host its 13th annual Arts And Crafts Fanfare Marketplace. These yearly events invite artists and craftspeople to come together and spend the day showing off their work, and making a variety of custom pieces available to the public. You can enjoy lawn ornaments, decorative indoor pieces, handmade jewelry, and other attractive items. You can count on the Arts And Crafts Fanfare Marketplace to have unique gifts you will not be able to find elsewhere. You can pick up the perfect holiday gift (and find something fun for yourself, too). (more…)

3 Problems You Can Solve With A Dental Crown

3-problems-you-can-solve-with-a-dental-crownA dental crown offers serious restorative dental protection for a tooth that needs it. A full crown covers your tooth fully to the gum line, and should be strong enough to count on when you need to bite and chew food. Thanks to CEREC technology, the process of receiving a crown now takes less time. Your dentist can prepare and measure your tooth, then take those measurements and have your crown designed in-office. A milling machine will produce a ceramic crown that is ready to be placed during that same visit. Because it is made with ceramic, your crown will fit in with your teeth visually, so that your restoration does not hurt your smile. (more…)

Unaddressed Tooth Loss Can Hurt Your Oral Health

unaddressed-tooth-loss-can-hurt-your-oral-healthLeaving tooth loss unaddressed can leave you at an oral health disadvantage. There are daily obstacles – it can be harder to eat, and it may interfere with how you talk – but there are larger concerns. When you lose teeth and do not seek a dental prosthetic, you face the prospect of losing bone mass in your jaw. This is because the roots of your teeth provide stimulation that encourages blood flow to the bone. When that stimulation is absent, your jaw loses nutrients, and can become depleted. Your appearance can suffer because of this, and you can lose important oral support. Unfortunately, just replacing a lost tooth will not help with this bone loss. However, you can bring back the stimulation by having a prosthetic supported by a dental implant. (more…)

Cosmetic And Functional Benefits From Dental Implants

cosmetic-and-functional-benefits-from-dental-implantsThere are certainly disadvantages to being without your full set of teeth. There are the ways tooth loss can interfere with everyday jaw functions, you experience an increased risk for jaw problems, and you may be left feeling self-conscious about your smile. When you rely on dental implants to support your dental prosthetics, your appearance and your oral health can benefit. A dental implant is surgically placed into your jawbone; this artificial root will reside in what was once the home of your tooth root. The implant-supported prosthetic will be stable enough to function, and you can be fitted with a replacement tooth that is realistic enough to fit neatly with neighboring teeth, which can restore your smile. (more…)

Check Out Sea Life’s Special Halloween Fun

check-out-sea-lifes-special-halloween-funIn honor of Halloween, Sea Life Aquarium will be offering up special seasonal fun for its visitors. Until October 31, you can wear a costume to the aquarium, and receive a $6 discount on walk up entrance tickets. To help further promote the Halloween spirit, visitors can keep an eye out for special goodies at the Interactive Touchpool, along with fun treats. On October 25, 29, and 31, the aquarists at Sea Life will hold a special aquatic pumpkin carving demonstration. This is your chance to check out the impressive variety of marine life on display at Sea Life, while also indulging in a little Halloween fun! (more…)

Relying On A Dental Crown After A Serious Cavity

relying-on-a-dental-crown-after-a-serious-cavityA cavity will continue its growth until your dentist can step in, remove the infected area, and clean your tooth. The size of your cavity by the time you are treated can depend on how long it took you to seek a restorative dental procedure. If tooth decay has entered the interior of your tooth, it can take a root canal treatment to fully stop the problem. Once this has been performed, your tooth will need protection from a dental crown. A cavity that has not reached this point may only call for a dental filling, but it is possible that a larger cavity that did not enter your tooth’s pulp will still make it necessary to place a crown. (more…)

Supporting Jaw Health After Tooth Loss With A Dental Implant

supporting-jaw-health-after-tooth-loss-with-a-dental-implantIf you are currently dealing with unaddressed tooth loss, you can probably already attest to the ways in which it can interfere with your daily life. Biting and chewing can be negatively affected – some people will even see their ability to speak compromised. What you might not realize is that over time, tooth loss will have real effects on your jaw’s health. Your bone mass is sustained in part because of stimulation from the roots of teeth. That stimulation allows you to sustain the necessary blood flow to your jaw, to keep it supplied with the nutrients it needs. A dental implant can also create this stimulation, so your implant-supported prosthetic can protect you from a deterioration of bone mass. (more…)