Snowmobile Safety Course

Are you an adult who loves playing in the snow but you have to admit that you’re just feeling a little unsure about how to properly operate a snowmobile? Perhaps you are comfortable with your teenage son or daughter using a snowmobile but your child has yet to receive the required safety instruction. Wonderful news: The upcoming Snowmobile Safety Course helps you get started with everything you and your family members need to know for safe recreation!


The Simple Steps Toward A Complete Smile Protection Approach!

Have you been wondering if your approach to protecting your oral health is all that it can possibly be? Do you wonder if you’re pretty good at the brushing part of your smile care but you think you may be lacking in other areas? No problem! What you need is a quick review from our Auburn Hills, MI team as we run through the steps to take for complete smile protection!


3 Times when Veneers Are the Better Option

Porcelain veneers aren’t the only way to improve your smile’s appearance. In fact, many people can achieve the smile improvement they seek by simply whitening away teeth stains or bonding a chipped edge of a tooth. However, patients at our Auburn Hills dental office often benefit from one or more custom-made veneers when a simple touchup isn’t enough to address their concerns. (more…)

Thinking About Invisalign®? Here Are 3 Things to Remember

Straightening crooked teeth is important for many reasons, and patients in Auburn Hills, MI, who want to do it without braces often consider choosing Invisalign® clear aligners instead. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® consists of custom-designed aligners that fit over your teeth, rather than being bonded onto them like brackets and wires. If you’re thinking about choosing Invisalign® aligners, then you should consider just what their benefits will mean for you. (more…)

How to Know if You Might Have TMJ Disorder

Some of the things about TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder can often make it difficult to pinpoint. For example, you might have chronic headaches, but few people would automatically associate that with their dental health. At our Auburn Hills dental office, we often help patients identify the likelihood of TMJ disorder and help them find relief through highly customized treatment, such as an oral appliance to help improve the alignment and function of your jaw joints. (more…)

Good, Better, Best: Dental Style!

The new year is almost here, and thoughts turn to what could be improved going forward into 2019. We love all our dental patients in Auburn Hills, MI, but there is always room for improvement when it comes to good oral hygiene and personal and family preventive care. We’ve compiled a short list of some good, better and best habits, so you can have fun seeing where you fall on the scale. If you find yourself with lots of “good” behaviors, we encourage you to make them better and best!  (more…)

Banish Chapped Lips for a Comfortable Smile

‘Tis the season for lots of smiles and family photographs. Who doesn’t want their smile to shine? Healthy teeth are one of the first steps to a great smile. Along with bright teeth and healthy, pink gums, having lips free of flaky skin or tiny cracks adds an appealing frame to your smile. You might think chapped lips just come with the winter season in Auburn Hills, MI, but it doesn’t have to be so. There are steps you can take to make sure your lips stay soft, comfortable and photogenic all winter. (more…)

Tips For Good Breath This Holiday

You might have a beautiful new sweater you’re planning on wearing this holiday. You may have your plans laid out and everything seems nearly perfect. That is, aside from the fact that you’re terrified of developing bad breath! You want to be able to enjoy the experience and get through all of the celebrations with friends and family but you also want to know you can escape potential embarrassment during close face-to-face convos. No problem! Our Auburn Hills, MI team has got you covered with some easy tips.


Red Cross Blood Drive: January 2019

Do you always feel a sense of urgency to give back after you’ve enjoyed a wonderful holiday? When you’re seeking out ways to give in the community in the new year, you may need to look no further than the upcoming Red Cross Blood Drive in our Auburn Hills, MI community!


Candy Q&A: What You Should Know About Your Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, then you probably have a bit of a thing for candy! We don’t blame you, of course, as sweets are absolutely delicious. However, from our Auburn Hills, MI team’s professional perspective, we do like to offer you a bit of advice in terms of practicing caution when indulging that sweet tooth of yours. We also know that the details involving sugar and and your oral health have a tendency to cause a little confusion. So, to resolve this issue, our question-and-answer question will help you better understand the details. For additional sweet-treats related information, feel free to ask questions during any of your visits with us!