How Tooth Loss Leaves You At An Oral Health Disadvantage

how tooth loss leaves you at an oral health disadvantageBeing self-conscious about tooth loss can make it harder to smile. It can feel embarrassing, and make you uncomfortable. However, this is not merely a cosmetic worry. When you suffer tooth loss, you face problems with your oral health. Just one tooth is enough to put you at risk for problems like TMJ pains, excess damage to remaining teeth, and even further tooth loss. There are also negative consequences for your jaw. A dental implant can help return your smile to normal, as well as offset these oral health hazards. (more…)

Why A Dental Implant Helps More Than Just Your Smile

why a dental implant helps more than just your smileA dental implant can certainly give you back the smile you had before tooth loss, but there are more than just cosmetic benefits. By receiving a dental implant to support your replacement tooth, you can help better stabilize surrounding teeth, positively affect your jawbone, and put a stop to the ways tooth loss can disrupt your oral health. The implant is a small, biocompatible titanium post that occupies the space of your tooth socket. When your jaw heals after placement, the implant is able to securely hold your replacement tooth so that it can pick up the functions of your regular tooth. (more…)

Restoring A Serious Cavity In One Visit With CEREC

restoring a tooth with a serious cavity in one visit with CERECWhat will it take to bring relief after you have developed a serious cavity? When tooth decay has become painful, it usually means that the problem has infiltrated your pulp, the tooth’s center. This is where its nerves are contained. All cavities great and small will require restorative work from your dentist. The first step will involve your dentist completely removing the infected material, including within your tooth’s pulp. Your tooth will need a dental crown after an involved restoration. When your dentist has CEREC technology, you can have your permanent crown placed on your tooth the day it is treated. This eliminates the period where you are dependent on a temporary crown. (more…)

Problems With Tooth Loss A Dental Implant Can Solve

problems with tooth loss a dental implant can solveFind yourself missing a tooth? As much as the idea of tooth loss can make a person self-conscious about their appearance, it can also be a negative influence on your health. This is because your tooth contributes to your overall oral health. You can suffer more wear and tear on certain teeth because you are working around this absence, and it leaves the teeth around it with less support. The loss of your tooth root can cause problems, too. Without the stimulation of a tooth root, your jawbone may start to deplete. A dental implant has the unique ability to restore not just the function of a tooth, but also the tooth root. (more…)

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Dental Crown?

how long does it take to receive a dental crownIn many dental offices, it can take at least two appointments before you have secured your dental crown. The space between those appointments can depend on how quickly the dental lab crafts your crown. However, when your dentist can offer CEREC technology, you can find yourself leaving your first appointment with your permanent crown. Your dentist can use CEREC to help you enjoy your restorative dental work sooner, and avoid leaving you dependent on a provisional crown while you wait for your permanent one. (more…)

What Is Invisalign?

invisalignDo you wish you had a more even smile, but don’t feel eager to wear metal orthodontics for 18 months to 2 years? We can provide a practically invisible alternative with Invisalign. What is Invislaign? This unique system corrects misalignment using clear plastic aligners instead of metal braces.