Touch A Truck 2018 Event!

Think back to when you were a kid and you were just being introduced to the magic of trucks! What would have been the only thing cooler than seeing big public works trucks on the road? Well, getting to see one up close and actually touch it, of course! Delight your child’s senses (and your own nostalgia) with the upcoming Touch A Truck event in Auburn Hills, MI!


Dental Bridges: Let’s Walk Through 3 Important Details

There are things you probably don’t know if you have never talked with our team about dental bridges before. However, when the main topic of your daily life is figuring out how you’re going to go about replacing teeth that are missing or that you are going to have extracted, getting to know more about prosthetic solutions is key! So, before you figure you’ll just pick something at random, realize that finding out about bridges in Auburn Hills, MI is a fantastic choice because they offer a unique set of improvements. Deciding whether a bridge will work for you is a solid first step toward finding the right answers for yourself!


Ways To Motivate Yourself: Cleanings And Checkups

When you know that you need a cleaning and checkup, what do you do? Do you call our practice right away to set it up? Or, do you shrug it off, run in the other direction because of dental anxiety, or anything else that prevents you from actually making your way toward our doors in Auburn Hills, MI? If you’re not on the ball with your preventive care, then we’d love to offer you some realistic, helpful motivation that might give you that little spark you need! Remember, we are always here for you, so if you have a question or just aren’t sure about the date and time, call us up!


Membership 101: Ascension Crittenton

Have you been thinking about joining the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce? Maybe you have been trying your hand at a new business venture and you’re thinking this might be a helpful contact. Perhaps you feel strongly about participating in and supporting the community. You don’t need a particular reason! You just need to show up at the Membership 101: Ascension Crittenton event!


Convenient, Quick Dental Care, Faster Than You Imagined!

One of the major roadblocks for you when it comes to coming in for dental care may have nothing to do with the way things feel, with details about anxiety, or with worries. Instead, you may just assume that care will always be an ordeal and take a very long time. As a result, since it seems too inconvenient to schedule anything other than your cleanings and checkups, or a quick filling, you might just ignore your wants and needs for your smile. Fabulous news: Those treatments you’d really like to come in for but assume are going to take weeks just might be available as surprisingly convenient, one-visit treatments. It’s true! Consider the details.


Here’s The Scoop: Ice Cream Social 2018

Do you own a local business? Are you curious about the businesses that serve our community? Perhaps you frequently plan on attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting but it’s one of those things that come and goes and you always end up remembering after the fact. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, then, to enjoy a sweet treat and check this goal off of your list when you attend the upcoming Here’s The Scoop: Ice Cream Social.


How An Oral Appliance Can Bring Relief From TMJ Dysfunction

When you continue to feel pain in your jaw, struggle with biting and chewing, and struggle with frequent bouts of headaches, you may be in need of treatment for TMJ dysfunction. TMJ problems can cause several difficult symptoms that will hurt your quality of life. What can you do to move past these symptoms? You can learn how to enjoy relief when you make an appointment with your Auburn Hills, MI dentist to discuss TMJ dysfunction. Many people with these problems will find that a special oral appliance helps them. This appliance gently corrects the position of your jaw while you sleep, which can reduce the strain that causes so many uncomfortable symptoms. (more…)

Make Time For Routine Exams, For Your Smile’s Sake

If you think a trip to the dentist is only called for when something is affecting your oral health, you are depriving yourself of important routine support. Your Auburn Hills, MI dentist’s office provides routine dental exams in order to help patients stay on top of their smile needs. During these appointments, you can receive beneficial support in the form of a close evaluation of your oral health. That review can recognize symptoms of many different problems, and lead to early intervention. You also gain the benefit of a careful dental cleaning, which can make it easier to avoid future cavities. (more…)

Spend The Summer Showing Off A Radiant Smile!

The sun’s rays can certainly brighten a summer day, but you can show off your own radiance when you flash a dazzling white smile. The summer season is a great time to talk to your Auburn Hills, MI dentist about a professional whitening treatment. With this procedure, you can do something about the unattractive stains that have left your teeth seeming dull, and less lively. The bleaching agents that are provided for your take-home whitening kit can address stains from foods, drinks, and tobacco products that over the counter products have failed to remove. If you want to make sure your teeth shine brightly in time for a special summer event, you can arrange an appointment for an in-office whitening treatment! (more…)

CEREC Technology Provides Long-Lasting Crowns In One Visit

The ideal restorative dental treatment will provide durable support for a vulnerable tooth in as little time as possible. Until advances in dental technology made in-house dental crown development possible, patients would have to wait until an outside lab produced their restoration. That waiting period would often leave people with a temporary crown that offered a poor fit. With CEREC technology, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist can create a durable, life-like crown in just one visit! With your CEREC crown, you can have the support you need for a tooth that has been injured, or treated for a cavity, after just a single appointment. (more…)