Learn More About Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whiteningIf you have been trying to whiten your smile with the use of over-the-counter products from your local drugstore or supermarket, you might not see the results that you want. When your smile starts to grow yellowed or dull, make the effort in speaking with your dentist about your options in removing those stubborn stains. This way, you can start your path with a cleaning and examination so you can have a diagnosis before you make any changes.

Take control of the shade of your smile with our team of helpful cosmetic dentistry experts in Auburn Hills, MI. Set aside some time to come and discuss your tooth discoloration at a routine dental checkup, giving you a fresher and cleaner smile to start. While you are here, your dentist can help you to understand the causes of your condition. At our office, we give you multiple options in cosmetic teeth whitening, so learn about the difference and advantages of each approach! (more…)

Protect Your Health with Oral Care

advanced dental flossingThere are a multitude of factors threatening periodontal health. Why not do all you can to protect your systemic and oral health? If you’re only doing half of an oral care routine, you are putting yourself at significant risk for gum disease. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist looks at periodontitis and how flossing consistently can protect your overall health.


A Back-To-School Checkup For Both You And Your Child

Family Park Auburn Hills MIIt’s about time again for the little ones to head back to class for the fall semester. This is always a fun time, as they have the opportunity to start a new school year fresh, and you have the chance to make this time a comprehensive part of growing up. When you schedule your child’s next semiannual checkup with the dentist, discover the benefits of handling it around the start of the school year!

With our team of helpful family dentists in Auburn Hills, MI, you can take advantage of this time by bringing your little one into the office for a cleaning and examination. This way, they can walk into class on the first day feeling great, knowing that they have started off their year with a fresher smile. Along with their routine dental maintenance, be sure to talk with your dentist about any additional treatment that can benefit your child, including dental sealants or orthodontic improvement. We are also here for your needs, so take the time for your own checkup with a call to our team today! (more…)

Keep Your Treatment To Yourself With Invisalign®

Close Up Auburn Hills MIIf you are struggling with your smile due to cosmetic misalignment, then you understand how much of your life can be affected by your condition. You depend on your smile for every first impression that that you make, and you want to look your best for every new interaction. From first dates to job interviews, a healthy and beautiful smile can help you to maintain your confidence level!

At Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, we can help you to improve the appearance of your smile with positive alignment treatment from Invisalign®. Clear aligner therapy helps you to achieve a more attractive smile with a little bit more privacy than with traditional braces, using a progressive set of nearly invisible trays to gently move shift your teeth along your oral ridge. Let your results do the talking with the clear advantages of Invisalign®! (more…)

Renewing Your Smile With A Dental Crown

Lawn Man Auburn Hills MIWhen you crack or break one or more of your existing teeth, it places your smile at risk of serious deterioration. Your natural enamel typically provides a strong barrier to protect the collection of soft tissue at the center of the tooth. When this material, known as pulp, is exposed to the elements, bacteria can infect the area and cause a debilitating toothache. A dental crown can help you to prevent the development of infection after you crack or break an existing tooth, so talk to your dentist about your next steps.

With our team of dental experts in Auburn Hills, MI, we can help you to find a way to restore your smile after you have lost the protection of your natural enamel due to injury or significant decay. If you have recently broken or cracked a tooth, do not wait to speak with a trusted dental health professional. You could be risking the development of a bacterial infection within the pulp, which can lead to a serious toothache, and this situation can also risk your overall health, as well. Speak with your dentist about treatment options including a dental crown today! (more…)

Enhance Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening

Happy Woman Auburn Hills MIHave you started to notice that your smile has become a little yellowed or dull? This may be a sign that you have enamel stains that are holding you back. When you eat and drink your favorite things, they can leave lasting marks upon the surface of your teeth, causing you to not look your best.

With our team of dental professionals in Auburn Hills, MI, you have options in how you would like to remove your problem stains. By giving you a choice between in-office and at-home treatment, you can decide which solution works best for your level of comfort. In addition, you may have a strict timeline of when you would like to see results, so talk to us about your needs. We can help you to improve the appearance of your smile by lifting your problem stains, while also keeping an eye on the strength of your enamel. Supermarket products can be risky, so talk to a professional about your teeth whitening options! (more…)

Preventing And Treating Your Tooth Decay

Young Indian woman smiling

When was the last time you received a dental checkup to clean and examine your smile? If it has been more than half a year since your last visit, please schedule an appointment to help safeguard your smile. Regular cleanings and exams help to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems that result from the buildup of dental plaque. And when these problems do occur, your consistent attendance can detect them much earlier than when they continue to grow in scope.

At your Auburn Hills, MI dental practice, we stress the importance of regularly scheduled visits to help stop cavities in their tracks. While your daily oral hygiene habits form the backbone of your fight against decay, our professional services can go above and beyond the capabilities of your brush and floss. By combining our efforts, we can prevent damage to your enamel and reverse it as soon as we make a discovery. (more…)

Tracking The Growth Of Your Wisdom Teeth

Teen Auburn Hills MIAs a teen or young adult, your dental appointments are very important in keeping your smile safe from harm. While this process is beneficial for all people, you have specific needs related to the development of your final set of molars. These are often referred to as wisdom teeth, and they can cause serious problems for both the appearance and lasting strength of your smile. Take advantage of the opportunity to stay on top of your dentistry with consistent visits for examinations and imagery.

At our dental office in Auburn Hills, MI, we can help you to navigate the serious oral health changes during this period of your life. Schedule your next appointment with our team and discuss where you are in your wisdom tooth development. Through helpful imagery, your provider will track their growth so that you can know when and if an extraction is necessary. Consistent checkups can give you and your dentist the tools you need to prevent a lasting change to your smile, so talk to a member of our team about treatment today! (more…)

Positive Dentistry For Your Little One

Little girl Auburn Hills MIAre you making sure that your child attends their semiannual checkups at the dentist? While your schedule might be tight, these appointments are vital in ensuring that they develop in a healthy manner. Make the effort in giving your little one the tools they need to be successful in their oral health journey. Dental habits start from an early age, so you have an opportunity to help them to grow into their smile!

With our team in Auburn Hills, MI, you can rest easy knowing that your child is receiving the dental care that they need in their development. Their semiannual checkup serves to keep an eye on any problems so that you can find a course of treatment before lasting damage can occur. As they grow, help them also to understand the importance of home brushing and flossing with helpful oral health education. Our staff of dedicated dental professionals are here for your child! (more…)

Your Dental Checkups Are Important!

Crossed Arms Auburn Hills MIHas it been longer than six months since your last semiannual checkup with your dentist? If so, it is time for you to come in for your next appointment. Some patients need additional in-person care, so talk with your provider about your particular timeline. These visits are vital in tending to your lasting oral health needs, and can help you by supporting your home hygiene care of brushing and flossing.

At our office in Auburn Hills, MI, we can help you to maintain your smile with routine checkups with a dentist. You cannot handle your needs on your own, so these appointments are an important step in your oral health journey. Take the time to come in for an examination and cleaning, and discover the benefits of a dedication to preventive care. Our team can help you to understand the weaknesses in your current routine so that you can make the necessary improvements. Experience a fresher mouth, as well, with a thorough cleaning of your mouth! (more…)