Exams & Cleanings

Dental exams and cleanings, or checkups and cleanings, are the most frequently-performed procedures, and most patients should schedule an appointment at least once every six months. A dental cleaning lets your hygienist thoroughly and professionally clean your teeth and gums of plaque and tartar (which harbor hundreds of kinds of oral bacteria). A comprehensive examination makes sure that your teeth and gums are still in optimal health, or reveals early warning signs that they may not be.

Dental Exam – What to Expect

During every examination, Dr. Okoniewski will perform a visual examination of your teeth and oral tissues, as well as an oral cancer screening to check for abnormalities. Using an intraoral camera, he can produce enhanced digital images of your oral cavity for a better view, and to better educate you about your dental health. Digital X-rays may also be taken to inspect the health and alignment of your teeth and jawbone, and can be used to create a more precise treatment plan, if necessary.

Dental Cleaning – What to Expect

During a dental cleaning, your hygienist will carefully clean away leftover deposits of plaque and tartar (calcified plaque), taking care to clean every surface of your teeth. Removing plaque and tartar reduces your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease, which are initiated by oral bacteria. Once your teeth are properly cleaned, your hygienist will polish them for a healthy shine, and to make it more difficult for bacteria to cling to them until your next visit.

Schedule an Exam and Cleaning Today

For optimal results, you should schedule a dental exam and cleaning at least once every six months (or as often as Dr. Okoniewski advises). To schedule your next appointment, call Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.